The meaning of The Bible UNCOVERED

~~ Click here to read my [The Bible UncoveredBible Uncovered Part 2 (for PDF) notes]

At the beginning of my Kingdom Seeking journey, MY initial focus was to filter my life’s experiences through the understandings I received while researching the information contained in the  Introduction to The Master’s Degree, as well as each lesson of this blog.  In doing so, my early teachings taught me the value of Positive thinking, and how such thinking complements the Kingdom Seeking journey.  As I continued to practice Positive thinking alongside my Kingdom Seeking teachings, I learned more and more regarding how The Father in Heaven wants His Kingdom to come, His Will to be done, on Earth, as it is in Heaven.  Learning how things are done in Heaven was/is a particular point of interest as it shines light on the difference between how people in the World view things, in contrast to how The Father in Heaven WANTS things to be viewed.

As I progressed throughout my studies, my research repeatedly revealed a common thread regarding Mutual Adultery/Orgies, and smoking Kaneh Bosm.  I used my Facebook posts to record the understandings I received regarding these subjects, as they relate to The Kingdom Seeking journey.  The above link provides access to my Facebook posts, which reflect about a year long stream of consciousness.  The combined collection of posts reveal, in detail, Biblical and Mathematical proof that The Bible, Jesus Christ and His Teachings, as well as The Father in Heaven intentionally intended the use of Sexual Threesomes/Foursomes/Orgies and the use of Kaneh Bosm as the way to achieve Spiritual Maturity.  In doing so, the person practicing such spiritual tools would thereby reconnect to The Father in Heaven, learn about his/her purpose on Earth and within The Kingdom of Heaven, and gain access to that which is needed in order to do so. Feel free to read the information, and as always, if you have questions, feel free to ask.

Marion Jackson Jr. (on Facebook)


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