List of Lessons

These lessons provide foundational information regarding what is being shared throughout the Blog. It provides background information as to how the assertation (Introduction to The Master’s Degree) came about, as well as how the more advanced information of the blog, which is an in-depth continuation of the assertation, was given to me.

The Value of Spiritual Maturity

Greater than GOD

Adultery/Swinging, Kaneh Bosm (Smoking Weed); Keys to Salvation

The title and link to each lesson provided on this blog.

a)  Man: A Spiritual Butterfly

b)  The Kingdom and particle physics

c) Inside the Chrysalis…the Beginning of Salvation

d) Inside the Chrysalis…beginning Transformation

e) Inside the Chrysalis…the Sea gave up its dead

f) The Beginning of Salvation

g) Introduction to The Lake of Fire

h) The value of The Lake of Fire and Brimstone

i) A-B-C’s of Seeking First The Kingdom of God

j) Spiritual Lynching/College Football (World-based Marriage)

k) Introducing The Bride of The Kingdom of Heaven

l) Introduction to The Garden of Eden/Tree of Life

m) Space Travel/Time Travel; Difference between Man & Human

n) The limitations of God; the venous venom of Venus (the nature of females)

o) The Body of Christ: Overcoming the Venom of Venus

p) Keys to The Kingdom

q) The Names behind the word GOD

r) Thoughts that motivate The King

s) Imitate Christ; NO Dogs Allowed

t) Why MAN doesn’t budge for GOD

u) Archery as the way to become a Butterfly

v) Spiritual Trade (Import/Export)

w) Transition to Peace; Freemasons and The Likeness Yod

x) Transcending Time and Space; Preview of the Value of Swinging

y) Transcending Pressure/Stress; Jesus and His use of Animal Magnetism

z) Transcending Religion/Love/Marriage

aa) Accessing Spiritual Maturity: Sexually Swinging from The True Vine

ab) Sexual Swinging refracted; Going from Dog to King


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