Course Syllabus

I am listing many of the topics that will be shared over the course of this River…I will make additions to this list as I come across my notes that remind me of topics that need to be listed (they will be in BOLD initially).  Just as travel along any major river is characterized by various names that inform of upcoming turning points along the journey, so too do these topics inform of what is to come as we move along The River of The Water of Life.  If anyone has any questions regarding these topics, please feel free to leave a comment.  If any of these topics along the River seem to deep, please ‘drink’ from the Spring of The Water of Life first (Introduction to The Master’s Degree), as the information there is less deep and provides the background preparation for crossing over into this information.

  • Why Water represents Truth and is accessed via Kaneh Bosm; why Fire represents The Spirit, and is accessed via Adultery/Swinging
  • Deep Sea water life/Deep Sea Diving and the rise to the surface as a metaphor for Salvation
  • The various names of GOD and how each relates to the World and The Kingdom of Heaven
  • The value Fire and Brimstone have for purification in the Lake of Fire
  • The spiritual difference between a Lake, Sea and Ocean
  • Spiritual Evolution: From the World TO The Kingdom of Heaven
  • Freemasonry and Fraternities and The Kingdom of Heaven
  • Transcending Time and Space and Gravity
  • The Gates to The Kingdom of Heaven located
  • SpaceTime as The Reflection of The Kingdom of Heaven
  • The Space Bridge that allows travel to enter SpaceTime
  • A Breakdown of the Seven Days of Creation and why one of them was not called Good
  • The Circle within the Cube and The Kingdom of Heaven
  • Adultery/Swinging; where to find it in the Bible…why it is the only way to receive Salvation
  • The breakdown of the Hebrew name of The Father in Heaven reveals what the Son’s name is on Earth (Son of Aleph)
  • Why those in Pornography, Strippers and Prostitutes are the 144,000 virgins of The Kingdom of Heaven
  • The Tree of Life and how Adultery/Swinging affects the production of fruit
  • Learning to Reap what has been Sown for you; the opposite of Harvesting
  • The Seven Spirits of The Father; in their physical form
  • Who Satan is and how Satan is viewed very differently in The Kingdom of Heaven than in the World
  • The Rich Man’s Grave; Purgatory explained
  • From Absolute Perfection, to Contrast Perfection, to Pure Perfection
  • The Son is The Father; complementary Perfection
  • Meet The Bride of The Kingdom of Heaven (Her name is The Aroma of Aventura)
  • Meet The Parents
  • Why ALL of these topic help to make up The Good News

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