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My name is Marion H. Jackson Jr. and this blog serves as an avenue for me to share the information that I have gained from my journey Seeking First The Kingdom of God.  The information that I provide on this blog should be viewed as the collected thoughts and understandings I received while being taught by The Holy Spirit, resulting in a stream of consciousness that built upon itself and flowed, and continues to flow, from my connection to The Father in Heaven.  Because of the spiritual maturity and depth of this information, the flow can be better viewed as a River; thereby, this blog truly is the River of The Water of Life.

  • Revelation 21:6  He said to me: “It is done. I am the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End. To the thirsty I will give water without cost from the spring of the water of life.

A water spring is a source of water that originates from within the Earth and emerges from an underground source, on up to flow aboveground, eventually serving as the originating point of a river.  To those who may not understand the depth of the information provided on this blog, please read the introductory material that provides background insight into what you will read here :

the Map to The Kingdom of Heaven:


and Introduction to The Master’s Degree.

It represents the Spring of the Water of Life and is relatively less deep than what you will find on this blog.  Indeed, while that 222 page document, and adjoining diagram are called the Introduction to The Master’s Degree, the information provided here is The Master’s Degree.

Much like the coursework of the Introduction to The Master’s Degree, I will begin by providing a simple, yet solid foundation of information that lays the framework from which the River will flow.  After I set forth the foundation, all other information will flow on these pages in the same stream as I received it, with additional commentary regarding each topic and subtopic being provided after the completion of the course.  As was the case with the Introduction, The Master’s Degree is best understood by utilizing the Online Etymology Dictionary (etymonline.com), the English root word reference (prefixsuffix.com), an online or standard dictionary, a Holy Bible (biblegateway.com, bible.cc), and various encyclopedic resources (Wikipedia, etc.).  As other sources of material are cited, I will provide links to where they can be found so the information can be studied, understood and verified by the reader.

It is with great pleasure that I have received this information (hereafter referred to as The Good News) and it is with great pleasure that I share The Good News with each and everyone of you that has chosen to seek it.

-Son of Aleph


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