The Bible Uncovered Page has been updated (7/11/2016)

It has been several months since I posted an update; nevertheless, beginning on page 141 (April 1, 2016), the Bible Uncovered page has been updated to reflect the newest amount of research I have received.  This newest update includes topics such as:

  • The Art & Science of Marriage (to include the value and purpose of Group Sex)
  • How a female being VOLUPTUOUS  works into The Will of The Father in Heaven
  • How the Ten Commandments were rules for Sexual Orgy participants…to lead them away from the 42 Commandments of Ma’at, which the Egyptians used for their Sexual Orgy participants
  • The role of a HUSBAND…to include the Spiritual reason for using VIAGRA/CIALIS
  • How ADAM was SUPPOSED to listen to EVE…taking the first step in marriage
  • What ‘eating’ from The Tree of Life means…and HOW to ‘eat’ from it
  • much more…

Bible Uncovered Part 2 (for PDF)

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