The Bible Uncovered page has been updated again

This newest set of updates (beginning at September 10, 2015) deals with another fascinating set of subjects.  First, the updates deal with the Spiritual/Animal nature of people, and how those ‘animal’ traits identify where a person is in relation to Salvation (such as, how being a Sexual Hoe/Rake allows a person to become a SHEEP in The Flock of Jesus Christ…also, a rather interesting amount of information regarding the purpose and value of UNICORNS).

THEN, the updates begin to involve the understanding regarding becoming BORN AGAIN, and how that process requires Group Sex, smoking Kaneh Bosm, and each spouse blindly following the unknown (and generally, unliked) ways of the other spouse.

Finally, this set of updates finishes by showing the Spiritual value of male Sexual enhancement pills (Viagra, Cialis, etc.), and how the use of such directly relates to the ability to access The Throne of Glory…first attended to for the Spiritually Immature, by METATRON, then attended to by Jesus Christ for the Spiritually Mature.

As always, if anyone has any questions regarding this, or any other information related to my posts, please feel free to ask.

Bible Uncovered Part 2

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