‘The Bible Uncovered’ page is updated

I have recently updated ‘The Bible Uncovered’ page to reflect the completion of all the information I had received during my Seeking First The Kingdom of God phase of educational training.  Contained within the update is far more specific Biblical and Mathematical proof that the Salvation which Jesus Christ spoke of is obtained via Sexual Swinging and the use of smoking Kaneh Bosm.

As I state repeatedly throughout this website, what I received from The Holy Spirit was a stream of consciousness, which basically began with the Introduction to The Master’s Degree, and culminated — at the end of my 7 year journey — with specific (if not very radically different take on sex than is taught within the World) information on how to use Spiritual tools (Group Sex/Kaneh Bosm) to communicate with The Father in Heaven.

The updated information is better understood by starting at the beginning, and reading all the way through to the end.  Ideas/concepts/principles lightly introduced in the beginning, receive far greater attention by the end of the document.

Enjoy your reading…and as always, feel free to ask questions.



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