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The flow of my stream of consciousness continued…

In my last post, I began to shine light on the value of Sexually Swinging on the True Vine (Jesus) as one of the ways to gain access to Spiritual Maturity.  Like most things in the World, Kingdom-based Truths have World-based contrasts that are opposite (sometimes polar opposites) of Kingdom Truths.  Only through Kingdom Seeking are these contrasts revealed and shown for their value within the World, as well as how they relate to Kingdom Truths.  One of the best contrasts in the World of the value of Sexually Swinging is the Mormon Church/Church of Latter Day Saints.

  • MORMON: mor – more than; mon – oneness
    • Mormon: [literal] more than the Oneness of The Father in Heaven
    • Mormonism (Church of Latter Day Saints [LDS]) is the largest church originating on American soil and is a self-identified Christian religion that believes/practices plural marriages {polygamy/multiple women at the SAME time}, eschews alcoholic beverages, tobacco, coffee, tea; are family oriented, and strong connections across generations and with extended family.  They have a strict law of chastity, requiring abstention from sexual relations outside of marriage and strict fidelity within marriage.  They believe that their church was restored by their founder Joseph Smith, who with Jane Elizabeth Manning (a black woman) set up the theology of the LDS.
    • As a World-based religion, Mormonism is a polar contrast to Kingdom principles.  In The Kingdom, husbands become transformed into Spiritual Butterflies, and as such, serve their purpose in pollinating many flowers (women).   Mormonism does allow for multiple sexual encounters; however, it is only done by requiring multiple marriages.
      • Kingdom-based teachings reveal that only one wife is needed since only the one wife serves as the reflection of the husband to provide him with the reflection needed for him to work on the elements of his life that require improvement.  Once the reflections shown by the one wife are improved (as the result of Seeking The Kingdom, the Husband becomes transformed from a Human, to Man; therefore, the Husband has reached the highest level of transformation possible and no longer needs anyone to reflect areas that need improvement, since the Husband has reached Perfection (135th degree).
      • Multiple ‘wives’ at the SAME TIME would try to provide multiple requirements for improvement; thus reflecting what happened with Moses when he ‘struck the rock twice’ (Numbers 20:11).  Being divorced and taking a second wife LATER shows that the first wife may have served as contrast, with the divorce serving as a necessity that allows the second wife to provide the input needed for Kingdom growth.
  • Much like the teachings I provide in my Assertation, Mormons also don’t involve themselves with alcohol, tobacco, tea, etc.; however, it is not clear if they are taught regarding their spiritual impact.  Nonetheless, Mormons DON’T advocate the use of Kaneh Bosm (cannabis, marijuana, etc.), unlike Kingdom teachings which require its use to understanding the teachings of Jesus, as well as The Father in Heaven.
  • Their belief in marriage does not allow for the most basic principle of Kingdom Seeking (Matthew 19:29) which requires the Husband to no longer follow his wife/her teachings, etc…such actions outlined in Matt. 19:29 are required to free the mind so that it can be renewed with the information The Father in Heaven wants to reveal.
    • By staying connected to the church, wife/wives and extended family, Mormon families maintain a close-knit environment where outside thought processes are not permitted, since the proximity of the constant presence of the church and family members continually re-enforce LDS doctrine/theology
      • Such adherence to thought-processes are only possible within The Kingdom, where Salvation has been received and maintaining the given thought process results in Eternal Life.
    • When a Mormon Husband begins to lack spiritual understanding, the process of ‘asking directions’ via Mutual Adultery/Swinging, is forbidden; whereas, in The Kingdom, Mutual Adultery/Swinging is the very ‘vehicle’ in which a Kingdom Seeker uses to gain access to ‘travel instructions’.  Furthermore, premarital sex, while in the World is a useful tool to assist eventual Kingdom Seekers who require sexual compatibility prior to the commitment of marriage.
  • Similar to The Kingdom of Heaven using the Bible as its initial text for spiritual instructions, but also benefits from other historical texts not included in the Bible, to include the information I have received, so too is the Mormon religion, which uses the Bible, as well as the Book of Mormon, the Doctrine and Covenants, and the Pearl of Great Price…all revelations dictated by the founder of LDS, Joseph Smith.
  • Mormon views, including sexual behavior/limitations, are based in World morals and not Kingdom understanding; therefore, the strictness of their doctrine is due to a lack of understanding.
    • Such views are partly due to judging the value of Sexually Swinging from The True Vine, due to shame, embarrassment, as well as a lack of understanding of its use.  This is because even though early founders may have used the tool of Sexually Swinging, they did not/were not allowed to know that the subsequent result would cause a Re-Ordering of their lives.  Once this Re-Order begins, but it isn’t understood WHY, it is easy to believe that something wrong was done by Sexually Swinging to begin with.  Therefore, in trying to recover from the negativity of the Re-Order that comes from Sexually Swinging, the continual negativity associated with such activities perhaps caused early LDS leaders to impose strict restrictions against sexual freedom; thereby, trying to protect others from experiencing similar ‘pain’. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Church_of_Jesus_Christ_of_Latter-day_Saintshttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mormonism)
  • DOGS: spiritual animal; type of physical person who has ‘made it’ within the World in their respective field.  Spiritually speaking, people who ‘make it’ to the very top of their field are considered spiritual dogs, and as such are ‘pets’ of the ones who actually rule the World.
    • Revelation 22:15 Outside the city are the dogs—the sorcerers, the sexually immoral, the murderers, the idol worshipers, and all who love to live a lie.
    • Spiritual DOGS aren’t allowed to enter The Kingdom because their allegiance is to who/what it took to make it in the World, and they are not willing to give their gains up in order to go through The Kingdom Seeking process.
    • Their World-based position is still a benefit to The Kingdom of Heaven, since everything and everybody in the World, belong to The Kingdom; however, because their gains did not come from being blessed according to The Kingdom Seeking process – yet they were allowed to ‘make it’ – these are the ones who, after humbling themselves, eventually eat the crumbs from The Master’s table that will eventually lead to spiritual transformation (Matthew 15:21-28).
  • Kingdom Teaching IS The Good News…information given to teach/train in the ways of The Kingdom; whereas TV/news/school/religion, etc. aim to teach the news (negative) of the World from the various areas of the Heavens that are vying for dominion among other animals (Humans).
  • World-based news is to teach/train hypnotize in following the cycles of the World; whereas, Kingdom teaching redeems from the World cycle and re-trains for The Kingdom
    • World news/information teaches how the Human ecosystem works and in some ways, can be used to give contrast that leads to Kingdom understanding; however, once Kingdom understanding is gained, many/most World aspects are simply what they are and serve their purpose in the continuing ecosystem.
    • Hypnotize: to influence, control or direct completely, as by personal charm, words, or domination.
      • Prayer is a form of internal hypnosis.  The repetitive process of praying is training the spirit to reconnect with the certainty of The Father’s Plan.  Prior to being born, our spirits were in tune with the plan and pleased to receive birth so that we could actualize the plan; however, the journey from Heaven, through birth, on to childhood, etc., interrupts our ability to tune into our spiritual understanding of the certainty of The Plan.  Once reconnect, MAN is always thankful of what is always coming, rather than being in a requesting mode (uncertainty).
      • External learning (Bible, school, the environment) is external hypnosis, designed to provide information for the inactive Yod to use to stimulate the need to begin Kingdom Seeking.  Combined with prayer, the use of external hypnosis allows for sifting through that which serves in being in harmony with The Kingdom, as well as an understanding of how other things serves to assist the World.
        • Seeking First The Kingdom is the spiritual ‘Rosetta Stone’ (Good News) that bridges the gap and teaches how to learn the language/speech of The Kingdom; using what is learned allows each to God-spell (Gospel) themselves.
  • Death: the World at-large
  • Hades: /Purgatory: marriage [animal/Human stage], prior to/while Seeking The Kingdom
    •  After the True Vine experience, after reaching relative success in the World [beginning ‘General Studies’], while attempting to reach the next level [the A-list of those who ‘make it’/DOGS] but also Seeking First The Kingdom, Matthew 15:21-28 shows the proper way to go from A-list/Dog, to Kingdom Seeking via Sexual Swinging, by humbling oneself, acknowledge value of the spiritual difference.  Once this occurs, purgatory learning begins (after the initial swinging ends) when the choice to Seek The Kingdom (become MAN…’married’ to The Kingdom) is made, rather than doing what it take to make it to the next level in the World.
      • Next level in the World: spiritually dead/misinformed, based on general negativity and confusion, leading to suspicious views, causing different (negative) interpretations of life.
  • Hades is like trying to choose a major in college but having your spouse trying to influence the decision to choose ‘her major’.  While choosing the Kingdom ‘major’ (who YOU are/what YOU are supposed to do) leads to the language/actions of the curriculum learned.  The Husband and Wife initially started out speaking the same ‘language’ as the result of the shared teachings of the general ‘spiritual’ studies; however, the different paths/curriculum of ‘majors’ leads to each spouse using the ‘language’ learned within their respective ‘majors’.  This is basically how foreign languages are learned/formed.
    • Foreign languages: two start out with the same basic ability to understand one another, by speaking the same language; however, over time, as each receives a different type of understanding (i.e., Kingdom/World…Death/Hades), the commonality becomes less and less.  As each holds close to what is now becoming more to each, the one from the World will not be able to understand the speech (understanding) of the one in The Kingdom.  Even though the Kingdom ‘understands’ the World, The Kingdom speaks Kingdom, but the World doesn’t speak Kingdom; thereby, resulting in the World’s speech now becoming foreign but translatable so that those in the World are still able to be assisted in reaching The Kingdom.  But to the World, Kingdom speech may sound foreign but interesting enough to learn; furthermore, the ‘sound’ of Kingdom speech may cause those in the World to also understand/gain access to The Kingdom.
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