z) Transcending Religion/Love/Marriage

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The flow of my stream of consciousness continued…

  • David and Goliath is a story about a Kingdom Seeker, overcoming the World-based teachings of his wife’s father.  Goliath was defeated because he was not wearing his helmet (which we learn later in the Bible symbolizes Salvation); therefore, the information that David received superseded the information that was being used to ‘rule’ the land…rulership that ultimately would not/could not lead to Salvation. *NOTE: In the Bible, David did not actually receive Kingdom Seeking training, but the story is allegorical to how Kingdom Seeking training overcomes non-Kingdom Seeking training.
    • Goliath (physical): David’s wife
    • Goliath (spiritual): David’s Mother-in-law/Father-in-law and the information they passed on to David’s wife that was being used to affect decisions and movements in David’s life.
      • Even though a wife will claim that she is listening/following her father’s teachings/instructions, in truth, the father is only sharing with his children what his wife (the mother) has led him to understand.
        • Because males are unable to give birth to physical children, they are born without the ability to ever truly reach the same level of emotional ‘maturity’ as females; however, with proper training, a male is able to assist females with reaching the same level of spiritual maturity by training the female how to remove her connection to her emotions, by replacing the emotions with a sustained connection to focusing on positivity.  This can only be accomplished via Kingdom Seeking teachings.
        • Once a Kingdom taught female is transformed into Man, the result causes a different type of female to affect the World; thereby, causing the World to respond to the spiritual maturity of Kingdom-based teachings, rather than their previous role of furthering World-based teachings via emotional manipulation.  This is how the Yeast of The Kingdom will affect the Dough of the World.
    • In the World, emotional maturity is initially developed in females, primarily as the result of their ability to give birth.  Their natural instinct to protect their children provides females with the ability to perceive potential situations, identify potential barriers/negative issues that may arise, and formulate plans to avoid/prevent/eliminate potential barriers and/or negative issues that may arise.  Men don’t possess this ability; however, because each male child is born through/raised by a female, male are taught emotions by the mother.  As the originators of this negative-based energy, females use/manipulate this advantage to govern the World (Queen of Heaven).  This governance is generally done with a male in the leadership position; however, the male leader is required to consult females to gain access to the information needed to maneuver in/through/around the very situations that were created as the result of listening to females in the first place.
      • E-motion – e-: a prefix meaning not; motion: movement
      • Emotion: not moving
    • In The Kingdom, males receive spiritual maturity earlier, as the result of being led to become a Kingdom Seeker.  In doing so, the male is able to identify and understand how emotion is used to govern the World, appreciate its use in the World, yet, stop using/stop being affected by the use of emotions.  This results in the male being able to effectively rule The Kingdom of Heaven, while also allowing the male to assist the female in doing something she can’t do for the male: teach how to achieve something the other doesn’t possess.
  • Man is not scared by animal/Human fears, nor bothered by their concerns; the focus of Man is on The Good News, The Kingdom of Heaven, and The Tree of Life.
  • Separating wheat from chaff: seeds that grow from their shell, from seeds that are still in their shell
  • Convince: to bring to use by argument
    • Con/vince – con-: without; vince: to overcome
      • To convince is to take away the ability for someone to overcome (thus receive Kingdom blessing) by using arguments instead of simply supplying information and letting the person make a decision for themselves pressure-free.
      • Decision-making should come because of positivity, because the information stands for itself and does not need to be used to convince.
        • Revelation 22:17 Whosoever will (WANTS to), let them let him take of the water of life freely (no pressure).
  • While in the World, staying in religion, staying in love, and staying in marriage leads to the Abyss.
    • 1 Corinthians 6:9-10 Or do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived: neither the sexually immoral, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor men who practice homosexuality, 10 nor thieves, nor the greedy, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God.
      • The key element of these couple of verses is the word UNRIGHTEOUS.  For a person who HAS NOT yet begun the Kingdom Seeking journey, their viewpoints regarding the use of religion, love, marriage, etc., is based on a level of spiritual immaturity that renders their views as limiting to spiritual growth.
      • On one level, my views may initially seem counter to what these bible verses say, yet, from my view (righteous), these bible verses are speaking about not listening to the spiritually immature.  Inheriting The Kingdom requires submission to the Kingdom Seeking process, and as has been explained in this blog – and will receive even greater information later – the process requires worshiping The Father in Spirit and in Truth.  The Spirit is accessed via Mutual Adultery (also known in the World as Swinging…known in The Kingdom as Pollinating) and Truth is accessed via Kaneh Bosm.
      • Prior to the Kingdom Seeking process, everyone is born into the World and taught varying lessons regarding religion, relationships, love and marriage; however, from The Kingdom perspective each of those serve a purpose in leading a person to The Kingdom…a purpose that initially is viewed quite differently than the view that is held of it in the World.  Staying connected to initial World-based views regarding these topics causes a person to head in a relative-endless direction AWAY from The Kingdom; nevertheless, whenever a person’s ‘story’ is written for them to head towards The Kingdom, they will be led out of the Abyss and towards that which is needed to enter The Kingdom.
      • Religion: In the World, organized religion serves in providing an initial set of moralistic values to help guide the practitioner through their day-to-day experiences; whereby, each person can make sense of what to do and how to deal with people they encounter while in the World.  In this regard, religion serves the purpose of providing some sort of structure within an environment which appears to have little/to none.  However, Kingdom Seeking allows the organized dogma of religion to become transcended, and the true nature behind the meaning of the religion revealed.  Religion in the World is designed for the spiritually immature and continuing to follow World-based religion, without advancing to the more spiritually mature nature of Kingdom Seeker, renders the practitioner subject to the interpretation, ways and practices of the spiritually immature.
        • As an initial method of growth, religion is purposely immature to assist immature spirits, much like grade school and middle school are purposely designed for the intellectually/educationally immature.  However, just as most students advance to the more mature academic levels of high school and/or college, so to do those who desire spiritual growth require the process of Kingdom Seeking in order to become who/what they were created to be.
        • Love/Marriage:  In the World, the word LOVE is used to describe the feeling (and subsequent actions) based on an intense desire to want/please/protect/maintain various people in life.  The feeling of love typically bonds people together closer and tighter than the bonds of those who are not loved.  In intimate relationships, the feeling of love is the primary criteria that is used to determine if the relationship will be successful, with the phrase ‘falling in love’ being used to describe the feeling associated with a successful relationship and ‘falling out of love’ used to describe an unsuccessful one.
          • In the Greek Language, there are several words used to describe the different types of love:
            • Agápe (ἀγάπη agápē[1]) means love in a “spiritual” sense.  This love is selfless; it gives and expects nothing in return.
            • Éros (ἔρως érōs[2]) is “physical” passionate love, with sensual desire and longing.  Eros can be interpreted as a love for someone whom you love more than the philia, love of friendship.  It can also apply to dating relationships as well as marriage.
            • Philia (φιλία philía[3]) is “mental” love. It means affectionate regard or friendship.  This type of love has give and take…This type of love has give and take.
            • http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Greek_words_for_love
      • Abyss: An immeasurably deep chasm, depth, or void.
  • To ‘fall in love’ is to be rendered so smitten by the feelings associated with the one you are in love with, that the person appears to have fallen into a space where ‘typical’ rhyme and reason don’t seem to make sense.  In this regard, the person is experiencing EROS.  A person who has ‘fallen in love’ will say and do things for the object of their love that previously would never have been said or done, expecting the same in return from their mate.  In this regard, the person is experiencing PHILIA.
  • When a man ‘falls in love’ with a woman, the man has fallen into an abyss.  It is an abyss because due to the desire to please/maintain the woman whom he is in love with, the man will typically practice behaviors and follow the whims that are believed to please and maintain the woman.  Depending on the value the man places on the value of practicing these behaviors and following her whims, the man may decide to marry the woman whom he has ‘fallen in love’ with.  Ultimately, both partners enter into marriage because they believe that their love is/will lead to AGAPE.
    • According to my Kingdom Seeking training, marriage is a committed relationship; whereby, each partner in the relationship is there to reflect the nature of the other, in order to assist in their eventual growth and maturity towards becoming who they were created to be.  However, World-based love does not initially allow for this process to properly develop.  World-based love (combination of eros and philia), is based on the use of negative energy/emotions; therefore, when a man has ‘fallen in love’, he has fallen into an environment of an abyss of negativity.  This is why most relationships end up becoming negative/volatile and people find themselves ‘falling out of love’…they were expecting eros/philia to blossom into Agape; however, it may appear that quite the opposite is occurring.
    • In the initial stages of ‘falling IN love’, each partner presented the most appealing image possible to the other, while trying to suppress the ‘ugly truth’ about themselves.  While this initial rouse — men are usually telling lies about themselves/women don’t want to be told the truth about themselves, so they generally choose a man who will focuses on giving compliments and less on exposing areas for her to improve — was effective at joining the two together (and as long as each tries their best to maintain the facade, love continues to maintain its bond), once time begins to reveal the previously hidden ‘ugly truths’ about each partner, the negative/emotional side of love makes maintaining the relationship appear difficult.  At this point in the marriage (especially if children are involved), women will use their advanced knowledge of emotion in an effort to get the man to remain in the relationship, even if the feelings that caused him to enter the relationship are no longer there.  This is the abyss effect.  Whether with the support of religious dogma, or with the use of emotion, love and marriage become World-based tools in an attempt to convince men to stay in marriages that appear to be unsatisfying/unsuccessful.  Without understanding why these elements are the way that they are, men and/or women won’t be able to understand how to find their way out of this abyss that they have fallen in to.  Thankfully, just as it was revealed regarding the value of religion, so too has Kingdom Seeking revealed the value/purpose of World-based love and marriage.
    • Love/Marriage revealed: while World-based love (eros/philia) is based on emotion, it is a necessary element in bringing two people together.  While eros/philia love is spiritually immature, Kingdom-based love (Agape) is spiritually mature.  People experience various levels of eros/philia love until they meet the person who provides enough motivation to assist them in developing Agape love.  In marriage (just as it is in most relationships), once the spouse begins to focus more on pointing out areas that require improvement, the other spouse may begin to find such notifications as being incompatible with the initial joy of the eros/philia love that made the relationship worth being in.  Prolonged exposure to ‘area improvement notifications’, especially when presented in a continuous and negatively presented manner, begins to cause rifts in the relationship.  In an effort to show that the feeling/identification is mutual, the other spouse may feel the need to identify areas that likewise require improvement.  This back-and-forth appears to violate the joy of the eros/philia bond; however, according to Kingdom Seeking training, this is actually the beginning of the process of elevating to the Agape love level.
        • Romans 3:23 for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God,
        • Because everyone born on Earth is born in ‘sin’, everyone is born Perfectly Imperfect.  That is to say, all of us were born with various element placed in our lives that were designed for us to overcome.  In overcoming those ‘sinful’ elements, not only do we gain a greater understanding of ourselves – and an understanding of how we relate to The Father in Heaven and fit into the overall l Plan – but we also gain a greater understanding of others and the things they are going/have gone through.  This type of understanding leads to Agape Love.
        • Agape Love can’t be gained until a person is able to eros/philia love their spouse and trust that the ‘image’ that they are saying that they see does indeed require improvement.  Because of the nature of growing up in the World, most people have learned to either ignore a person or respond very negatively when something about them is pointed out and is viewed negatively.  Children are often cruel to other children (especially siblings to their siblings), playground bullies say mean/nasty things…sometimes parents say mean things to their children.  By the time that child grows up to become a Grown-up, a thick wall is usually built up to protect against the ‘hurtful’ things that others have said.  Generally, people develop their own view of themselves, regardless of the ‘negative’ things that others may have to say about them.
        • By the time people enter into Marriage, both spouses may have both mastered the art of ‘being nice’ and only speaking highly of the other, since that was the action that allow the relationship to develop.  However, as time in the relationship passes, in an effort to assist the other (‘in love’), each spouse may lovingly suggest/point out areas that they believe could be improved.  However, because Grown-ups generally have coupled the identification of their need to improve with the negativity of a bully/sibling/mean parent/mean person, the initial response is one of ignoring the suggestion or responding in a very heated manner (similar to the way that proved successful in past adolescent moments).   The cycle of suggesting improvement areas to the spouse, receiving negative responses, having areas of improvement suggested, and responding negatively is the Abyss.  It is the Abyss because the very suggestions that your spouse has identified are the very areas that will lead to The Path of Righteousness once they are improved.
        • Just as no person can see what is on their face without the assistance of a reflecting tool (such as a mirror), no person can what is going with themselves as a person without someone to reflect their image.  When a spouse is pointing out ‘flawed’ areas that can be improved, the negative response is not so much that they are wrong, it is generally that they don’t provide a viable solution to help in the improvement.  There are plenty of people in the World who appear to have similar ‘flaws’, including the spouse pointing them out; however, in the World, there doesn’t appear to be a viable solution.
        • In Seeking First The Kingdom (Matthew 6:33), the husband is the first one to enter into the spiritual maturity process.  Personally, I believe that since males don’t have the ability to give birth to physical children, it is easier to lose his connection to his emotions than with women.  In losing his connection to emotions (passed along through birth and on through life in the World by women).  Kingdom Seeking is based on Positivity and Faith, activated by Mutual Adultery (swinging) and Kaneh Bosm.  Once activated, a Kingdom Seeking Husband is now capable of actually hearing what his spouse has been saying regarding his need for improvement; however, The Holy Spirit is now able to not only share why those areas need to be improved, but also, why they were placed in the life to begin with…as well as provide information on how to overcome and improve the identified areas.
        • In being able to ‘hear past’ the energy and negativity of the areas of self-improvement the World-based wife is pointing out, a Kingdom Seeking Husband is now able to translate her negative energy into positive energy and actually respond positively to her notifications.  In doing so, the Kingdom Seeking Husband continues to gain vital understandings from The Father in Heaven regarding the proper way to be as a man, husband and father…all areas that require improvement since the answers can’t be found within the World.  As each of the identified areas of improvement acknowledged (Positivity + Patience + Preciation * Practice = Peace), the Kingdom Seeking Husband is transformed into MAN, and as such gains access and understanding to Agape Love.  Now focused on Kingdom Seeking teachings, an Agape Love based Husband can now turn back to his World-based wife and begin sharing with her how she can begin to transition to the transformative power of Agape Love as well.  In understanding the nature of Agape Love, the Husband understands that The Father in Heaven is moving the wife along a path, just as the Husband was moved along a path that led to spiritual maturity.  As such, the Husband understands what the wife is going through and is able to show understanding and apply positivity, patience and preciation to the wife as she goes through her process to receiving Agape Love.  In this way, the initial thoughts regarding the joy of eros/philia love are maintained, yet elevated to the sustainable and positively-based Agape Love.
    • Once Agape Love has been reached, Spiritual Maturity has been gained.  In gaining spiritual maturity, what has been learned to gain spiritual maturity will appear out-of-sync with the teachings received while at the spiritually immature level.  Therefore, at this spiritually advanced level, the text of 1 Corinthians 6:9-10 is in reference to spiritually mature not listening to/practicing the ways of the spiritually immature.  To the spiritually immature, adhering to various religious practices, using love and marriage the way it is currently used within the World, etc. are the tools that are used to maintain/govern spiritual immaturity.  However, spiritual maturity identifies what purpose those elements served for spiritual immaturity (lack of understanding regarding how to properly use more mature tools), as well as advocates the sharing and practice of spiritual mature ways so that other spiritually immature people have access to the way/example/light of achieving spiritual maturity when it is time for them to do so.
    • Only the Spiritually Mature can enter The Kingdom.
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