n) The limitations of God; the venous venom of Venus (the nature of females)

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The flow of my stream of consciousness continued…

  • Philippians 4:13 I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.
    • Say what you CAN DO.
    • Matthew 6:31 So do not worry, saying, ‘What shall we eat?’ or ‘What shall we drink?’ or ‘What shall we wear?’ For the pagans run after all these.
      • Do NOT say what you THINK you can’t do
      • You express your worry/fears by saying them.
  • The Power of ALL; defined as the whole amount, quantity, or extent of…without exception
    • Matthew 6:33 But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.
    • James 1:2 My brethren, count it all joy when ye fall into divers temptations;
    • Philippians 4:13 I can do all this through him who gives me strength.
    • Ephesians 3:16 I pray that out of his glorious riches he may strengthen you with power through his Spirit in your inner being…   Colossians 1:11-12 11 being strengthened with all power according to his glorious might so that you may have great endurance and patience, 12 and giving joyful thanks to the Father, who has qualified youto share in the inheritance of his holy people in the kingdom of light.
  • Pulpit: an elevated platform, such as one used by harpooners in a whaling boat.  Whale oil once supplied the fuel for lamps that illuminated the nights in American homes.
  • In the World, Humans are spiritually referred to as FISH, BIRD, BEAST OR CREEPING THING.
  • A mature male in the World is under the influence of venom
  • A mature female in the World supplies venom
    • VENom shares the same root word as VENus, the planet in the Heavens from which females originate
    • In The Kingdom, Man is the reflection of The Father
      • A mature male is no longer affected by venom
      • A mature female no longer supplies venom
  • Ephesians 5:8 For you were once darkness, but now you are light in the Lord. Walk as children of light.  Ephesians 5:11 Have nothing to do with the fruitless deeds of darkness, but rather expose them.
    • Fruitless deed of darkness: ways of the World
    • Expose them: shine light by providing greater information/understanding
      • The ability to shine light on the things of the World only come as the result of becoming a Kingdom Seeker
  • FAGE is a Greek yogurt…it is pronounced fa-YEH (www.fageusa.com); therefore, in Greek, the ‘g’ sounds like a ‘y’.  Because the Bible was written in various languages (Hebrew for most of the Old Testament, and various dialects for the New Testament), but was translated into Greek, then eventually into English.  Therefore, the word GOD is actually pronounced YOD.
  • YOD: a Hebrew word that means the little that holds much…the finite (physical/Man) capable of reflecting the infinite (The Father in Heaven).  Yod also means the spark of essential good hidden within.  It takes TWO sparks to start a Fire (Spirit of The Father).
    • According to research (http://skipmoen.com/tag/yod/), in Genesis 2:7, only one Yod was used to tell of the formation of the animals (and thus, the World).  However, in Genesis 2:17, TWO Yods are used for the creation of Man; thereby, keeping with the promise of receiving Image and Likeness.
    • Biblically, whenever a study is done regarding the Hebrew names of ‘God’, two yods in a row are used to designate the name ADONAI
      • One Yod is used to refer to the name JEHOVAH, in that Free Will (Image) supplied what is needed while in the World; whereas two Yod’s reference ADONAI, who as Peace (Likeness), allows Kingdom Seekers to be led AND Grace (Jehovah) to supply the needs of Elohim (the individual Kingdom Seeker).
      • Not being led while in the World is Darkness and leads to confusion, fear and doubt
  • Acre: arable land (are/able)…[ety.] suitable for plowing/cultivation;  defined as capable of producing crops.  Suitable for farming…suitable to the plow and for tillage
    • Opposite to a pasture , which grows wild, or woodlands
  • Theory: the – definite article, with a specifying or particularizing effect; –ory – a suffix meaning a place that serves for
    • Theory:[literal] a place for attempting to define
    • Theory: defined as the branch of a science or art consisting of its explanatory statements, accepted principles, and methods of analysis, as opposed to practiced results (facts) .
      • Abstract thoughts; speculation


  • Cavalier: (def.)   n. A gallant or chivalrous man, especially one serving as escort to a woman of high social position.  adj.  showing arrogant or offhand disregard; dismissive, carefree and nonchalant.
    • A Kingdom Seeker appears cavalier (adj.) to the World because of a singular focus that causes disregard for other suggested focuses of the World.  Simultaneously, a Kingdom Seeker who becomes Man is a cavalier (n.) as he now has his Bride of The Kingdom along with him.
  • Plan/et: plan – program, or method worked out beforehand for the accomplishment of an objective; –et – a suffix meaning little version
    • Isaiah 46:10 I make known the end from the beginning, from ancient times, what is still to come . I say, ‘My purpose [plan]will stand, and I will do all that I.
    • Wick/ed: wick – a cord or strand of loosely woven, twisted, or braided fibers, as on a candle or oil lamp.; -ed – a suffix meaning past tense.
      • Ecclesiastes 4:12Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of three strands is not quickly broken.


  • Hum/an: hum – a murmur (complaining) sound to cover embarrassment
    • §  VENous hum is a murmur-like condition that primarily is seen in CHILDREN; caused by turbulence in the jugular veins (www.med.ucla.edu/wilkes/Venoushummain.htm).
      • §  Jugular veins are the vessels in the neck that are very visible when people sign.
      • §  This is due to extreme effort and stress placed on the veins and can lead to damage
      • Complaint: A statement that a situation is unsatisfactory or unacceptable.
        • §  Complaints only occur because the person has not asked to correct question to gain access to that which is satisfactory and acceptable (The Kingdom).
        • Veins: blood vessels that carry deoxygenated blood TOWARDS the heart.  Most veins carry deoxygenated blood from the tissues back to the heart.  Arteries carry blood AWAY from the heart.
        • Children complain about things they don’t understand; whereas, children of God murmur because they don’t know the Song.  Therefore, they make noise, not harmonic music.  All children of God have to do is ask the right question (What must I do to be saved?) in order to learn the Song, and cease murmuring.
  • Venal: ven – offered for sale, capable of being obtained for a price; –al – a suffix meaning pertaining to
    • Venal: (def.) Open to bribery; mercenary…capable of betraying honor, duty, or scruples for a price; corruptible
    • Venerable: ven; -er – a suffix meaning person; -able – worthy, ability
      • Venerable [literal] a person who is worthy/has the ability of being obtained for a price
      • Venerable (def.) Commanding respect by virtue of age, dignity, character, or position
      • Venerable [ety.]  to worship, revere
      • Venation: [ety.] veins of a wild plant structure
        • Venation: (def.) distribution or arrangement of a system of veins [as in a leaf or insect]
        • Venous: ven; -ous – a suffix meaning having the quality of the root word
          • Venous: [ety.] worshipped and/or revered for being capable of being obtained for a price; spoken same as ‘Venus’
          • Venous: (def.) Of, relating to, or contained in the veins…’in the blood’.
          • Venom: (ety.) the drug/poison of Venus.
            • Venom: (def.) a poisonous secretion of an animal, such as a snake, spider, or scorpion, usually transmitted by a bite or sting…malice, spite.
              • Poison: a substance that inhibits another substance or a reaction
                • Psalms 64:3 They sharpen their tongues like swords and aim cruel words like deadly[poisoned] arrows.
                • Females use the venous venom of emotion (fear, anger, doubt, confusion…mixed with the power of suggestion), and the possibility of withholding sex, along with World-based status and praise (venerate), as a way to cause/motivate/manipulate males to further the ways of the World.  Their attempt is to suggest males take matters into their own hands, by using their personal will, rather than trusting in the Will of The Father.
                • Venom affects sensory neurons.  Spiritually, this affects the way we feel, whether positively or negatively.
                • Venue: [ety.]  a coming for the purpose of attack
                  • Venue: (def.) a place for large gatherings, as a sports stadium.
                  • A/venue: a-  a prefix meaning not; an avenue is NOT a place to attack; not a place for large gatherings
                    • Avenue: (def.) act of approaching, arrival
  • HUMming Bird: (describes the behavior of HUMans)  the smallest extant bird species, hovers in mid-air by rapidly flapping their wings.  To conserve energy while they sleep or when food is scarce, they have the ability to go into a hibernation-like state.  Humming birds are the only group of birds with the ability to fly backwards.  As their food source, much like a butterfly, humming birds drink the nectar of flowers; however, nectar is a poor source of nutrients for a humming bird (not a butterfly), so humming birds meet their needs for protein, amino acids, vitamins and minerals, etc., by preying on insects and spiders.
  • Scaredscar – a scab formed after a burn; a physical or emotional mark left after a painful properience; -ed – a suffix, when used with an adjective,  means having the quality or characteristics of
  • Scared: (def.) thrown into or being in a state of fear, fright or panic
    • Spiritually, apprehensive/resistive due to past scars
    • Afraid: af – a prefix meaning towards; raid – a military expedition on horseback, riding journey
      • Raid: (def.) a surprise attack by a small armed force
      • Afraid: (def.) filled with fear; having feeling of aversion or unwillingness in regard to something
        • Somewhere in the mind, people get scared/afraid because a scenario or suggestion has been made, and believed, that certain actions will happen and/or result in a painful properience.
        • By focusing on Joy, Trust, and the Fact that the story is already written, a Kingdom Seeker is led cures such fears.
  • Promise: prom – a student formal dance in celebration of graduation; –ise – a suffix meaning cause
    • Promise: send forth, foretell; a declaration made about the future, about some act to be done or not done.


  • Mill:  Threshing wheat from the chaff by use of oxen
    • Million: successful harvest, using the energy of (-ion) of the Mill
    • Bill: [ety.] a sword, especially one with a hooked blade;  also known as the beak of a bird, used for piercing their food source so it can eat
      • Spiritually, in The Kingdom, The Sword is the Sword of The Spirit
      • In the World, a sword is used for battles in war
      • Billion: the energy of (-ion) the use of the sword/use of the beak of a bird to eat its food
      • Trill: [ety.] a quavering singing bird
        • Quaver: to vibrate; tremble
          • Tremble: to shake involuntarily, as from excitement or anger…to quake; to feel fear or anxiety
          • Trill: (def.) a musical ornament consisting of a rapid alternation between two adjacent notes, usually a semitone or tone apart
          • Trillion: using the energy of a quavering bird/alternating between the ‘musical notes’ of two different environments
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