j) Spiritual Lynching/College Football (World-based Marriage)

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As I begin to introduce a new stream of consciousness that I received during my journey as a Kingdom Seeker, I will share a few transitional revelations I received as I began to move away from The Lake of Fire understanding, and towards the next series of topics.

  • Lack of Self-Control leads to spiritual obesity, as the attempt to feel like a person  who is in control (rather than accept that The Father is leading) leads a person to exercise their own personal will over a given situation.  This results in poor spiritual understanding and spiritually reflects the same behavior of a physically obese person.  With physical obesity, the primary cause is generally rooted in a lack of understanding regarding life and the pain/confusion that results.  In an attempt to exercise some form of control over life, physically obese people overeat to prove to themselves that they at least have control over what they put into their mouths.
    • Trusting in The Lord alleviates this burden and begins the Kingdom Seeking process; however, maintaining relationships with similar obese-type/obese-causing people continues the same destructive behavior.  Support of someone with similar destructive thoughts inaccurately provides the justification for continued behavior.  Spiritually, this is the result of an attempt to feel like the person is in control, rather than letting go and trusting in learning WHY The Father is requiring self-control, over resources, dealing with other people, dealing with the self, etc.
    • People have learned/been taught to view people and/or activities as wins and losses, rather than as practice and gaining understanding.

MARRIAGE understood through Metaphor

This next set of points are in regards to men/women and marriage and the apparent competition that occurs within it.

  • Lynching: an activity done to scare men and reinforce certain principles to maintain control
    • Elevating the status of the wife/woman, over the husband/man; thereby, reducing his input and/or contribution.  This results in the continued dependency of the input of the wife/woman (The Fig Tree)
    • The wife/mother uses her sense/instinct of figuring to be used as they way of making it in the World, even if it appears that the husband/man is leading.  Men in the World are only successful because they are able to navigate potential negative possibilities/situations by using the senses/instincts of his mother/wife.  In The Kingdom, The Father in Heaven is leading while allowing the one being led (Kingdom Seeking husband) to be the one who appears to be the one leading.  Kingdom Men are only successful because they have learned how to navigate towards only positive possibilities by following the leading/teachings of The Father.
    • Game: A game is structured playing, usually undertaken for enjoyment and sometimes used as an educational tool.  Played for enjoyment, with no emphasis on winning or losing…done merely for the practice of skills involved in the game
    • Sports: taking a game and elevating the importance of winning, and the money that comes with it, over the value of exercise and practice

While looking around the Internet as I usually did, The Father led me to an interesting article and then revealed the spiritual Truth behind what appeared to be just a simple story about sports.  BOTH, lynching and sports, served the purpose of creating the contrasting environment that causes men who believe in The Father to ask questions of The Father regarding Truth.  Such questions lead to Seeking The Kingdom of God and The Path of Righteousness.  By reading the article I am about to review (http://espn.go.com/college-football/story/_/id/7972797/the-miseducation-college-football), you will get a better understanding of the physical and spiritual parallels I am about to make.

According to an espn.com article, written by Jeff MacGregor, an important snippet for our purposes reads: “In a New York Times piece from that year (1905) called “Two curable evils” the writer proposed simple solutions to America’s two biggest social ills: lynching and college football. The first he sought to eradicate by making local governments liable for financial restitution to victims’ families. Of football he wrote:

“Take away the gate money and the game will revert to its proper status of an innocuous pastime. The great public jousts and massacres yield fifteen or twenty thousand dollars each from the sale of seats. The money is all expended in the training and equipment of the team. So large an amount could not be obtained by subscription or a college tax. The game would be played for exercise, not for money; for the olive crown of recognition with the student body, not for the plaudits of bawling mobs of the unlettered and the dubious distinction of rough-hewn portraiture in yellow journals. A young gentleman engaged in getting an education ought not to exhibit himself for money and he and his fellows ought not to raise a mere sport to the dignity of an occupation. The tremendous loss of time which overattention to football occasions is its worst feature, though the brutality and maiming are serious evils, too. Both will be cured by cutting off the money supply, which the Faculties can do by two-line resolution.

“Make lynching expensive and public football unprofitable.”

Only from a Kingdom of God perspective can men and women, husbands and wives attain the same unquarreling level as Sons and Daughters of The Father, and doing so happens when the practice of Kingdom positivity is elevated above the ‘contest’ of wife against husband in marriage.  Going through the spiritual chrysalis/adoption process allows each spouse to get to know their individual ‘God-self’ and overcome the need to compete for position because each will be following the same path, resulting in a shared understanding.

Therefore, marriage can be viewed as college football and the constant quarrelling back and forth between husband and wife as a contest, with ‘money’ being the right for leadership within the home.  Technically, there is no need to compete for the leadership position, since ‘the husband is the head of the wife, just as Jesus is the Head of the Church.’(Ephesians 5:23).  There can only be one head…anything with two heads is a monster!  The issue arises in the World because the wife is keenly aware that she is actually leading, by the virtue of her advice, and she knows the husband does not independently possess the information to lead.  This is where the article comes in again, as it states, ‘The game would be played for exercise’; meaning, marriage is something to be practiced, where the exercise of the practice leads to pressure-free learning.  However, this only occurs when Kingdom Seeking is being done…while in the World, such practice and the learning that comes from it, is not possible.

In regards to spiritual lynching, the final sentence that I referenced directly relates to Kingdom Seeking principles.  In physical lynching, the master used lynching as a way to terrorize his slaves into submission for activities the master believed to be incorrect, and/or disrespectful.  Such actions were meant to scare others who saw this horrible act; thereby, causing immediate compliance with the given standard.  A wife who continues to compete for leadership, by viewing herself as elevated above her husband, attempts to spiritually ‘lynch’ him by trying to publicly humiliate a husband who is not following what she believes to be her correct form of leadership.  This may be done in sight/sound of children, family, friends, etc., and is done to cause the husband shame, and in doing so, in his attempt to avoid shame, acquiesce to the wife’s demands and follow along with her thoughts regarding the direction of their lives. Husbands who do succumb to such tactics are held up, by other wives, so that they can use such activities to motivate their husbands into similar submission.

 A non-Kingdom Seeking wife who has a Kingdom Seeking husband loses out on the benefit of the husband’s teachings, leadership and the blessings that flow as the result; thereby, spiritual lynching becomes expensive for her.  Because the Kingdom Seeker has ‘changed the game’ of marriage, from that of Sport, to that of Exercise, the rules and outcomes are now different.  By continuing to compete at the sport of marriage, rather than practice to exercise the learnings gained from marriage, the attempt to lynch the husband only becomes detrimental to the wife (and those that support such activity).  The spiritual blindness of not seeing and following the lessons that the Kingdom Seeking husband now sees and leads his family by, cause the non-Kingdom Seeking wife to ‘move’ in a completely different direction than her Kingdom Seeking husband.  Nonetheless, just as the spiritual moth and the spiritual paramecium (who became a phytoplankton), such actions by the wife do indeed serve their purpose in the overall plan of The Father.  Therefore, the Kingdom Seeking husband is able to see and understand the thoughts and actions of the non-Kingdom Seeking wife through the ‘eyes’ of Agape Love and recognize that she is merely serving her purpose; thereby, causing the husband to remain focused on following where The Father is leading him, while the wife follows where she is being led…even if they are in two different directions.


In the Bible, many prayers end with the word AMEN.  Most people pronounce this word as A-Men; however that is not the proper pronunciation. The prefix A is used to mean not, or away from; therefore, pronouncing Amen would be used to mean away from Man/Men (Man – Son of The Father in Heaven, on Earth)…thereby, not resulting in the same meaning as the word pronounced AMen.

  • AM/EN: am – a prefix that means to be, to remain; en – a suffix that means to cause to become
    • AMen: to cause to become that which is to be or to remain
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