g) Introduction to The Lake of Fire

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Continued flow from the previous lesson…

In the previous lesson, I introduced information regarding the physical environment of the deep sea, as well the conditions deep sea divers deal with in order to successfully dive deep into the sea and record their findings of deep-sea marine life.  The primary focus of that lesson was how pressure affects fish and divers the deeper each goes into the sea and I related how that information parallels a person who is in the World and chooses to either go higher in the World or opt to become a Kingdom Seeker and exit out of the thoughts and ways that govern the World.

This lesson will continue about stabilizing pressure during the ascent out of the Sea to becoming a Kingdom Seeker and its impact; as well as, the physical food chain of the sea and relate how such information parallels to activities within the World and how those creatures are affected.

  • 1 John 4:4 You, dear children, are from God [The Father] and have overcome them, because the one who is in you is greater than the one who is in the world.
  • Deut. 28:6 Blessed shalt thou be when thou comest in, and blessed shalt thou be when thou goest out.
  • Psalm 121:8 The LORD will keep your going out and your coming in from this time forth and forevermore.

When the external force of something = the internal force of something, there is no sense  or feeling of pressure.  The deeper the depth of the Sea, the greater the external pressure; likewise, the higher/more successful someone is in the World, the more external pressure is placed upon them; thereby, resulting in the feeling of internal pressure to succeed.

When the external pressure is greater than the internal stabilizing force, the external pressure creates pain and discomfort; thereby, requiring ascent to a higher, less pressurized level of the Sea (lower status within the World) to alleviate the pain/stress. On the other hand, an adaptation of the internal stabilizing force can be done by adjusting the oxygen/nitrogen ratio of the ‘spiritual’ air tank of the deep sea diver.  This means that the person submits to becoming a student/disciple/slave of a person/people at the higher level of the World, in order to gain access to the information needed to achieve success at the higher level, as well as relatively decrease the pain/discomfort/stress of the level. This allows for further descent to lower depths, which results in going further/higher in the World.

As a Kingdom Seeker begins to ascend to salvage depth, the decreased and disregarded focus on the external environmental factors of the World allows the internal stabilizing forces to reach their natural level.  Once on Land (The Kingdom of Heaven) the external environment is now the same as the internal stabilizing force (Fire/Spirit of The Father).  Once this balance has been achieved, when a Son of Aleph deals with the World, there is no longer any focus on external environmental factors that affect the Sea.  As a result of being Yeast to the World, the renewed singular focus on the internal stabilizing force (Fire/Spirit of The Father) of Man now places greater pressure on the Sea.  Therefore, greater is the impact of The Father within Man than the impact of the environmental factors of the Sea.

So, The Father in Heaven is the external force to the Kingdom Seeker/Man; however, the Kingdom Seeker/Man learns to adjust the internal stabilizing force to be in alignment with the external force of The Father; thereby, resulting in no net pressure.  However, the internal force of Man IS greater than the external force of the World; thereby, resulting in pressure being place on the World.  Therefore, Man/The Kingdom of Heaven becomes the external force to the World; thereby, requiring those within the World to gain access to the necessary information needed to also align with the external force of The Kingdom; thereby, eventually resulting in no net pressure as well.

Therefore, serving as Fire, The Kingdom of God that takes over and transforms the Sea, the internal stabilizing force of the Spirit of The Father (Fire) now cause the environment of the Sea to respond to the Spirit of The Father; thereby, transforming the water in the Sea into Fire.  Given the greater perspective and impact of The Kingdom of Heaven (governed by the thought-process within The Kingdom of God), the Sea now becomes a Lake, not of water, but of Fire.

As you may recall from the article written by Kathy Svitil, organic life is most abundant near the surface of the water…this is due to its proximity to sunlight.  The article perplains how the ‘complex food web’ is created and how the waste from the dead organisms fall to lower levels of the sea; thereby, feeding various lower depth sea creatures below.  However, once the depth of the sea reaches about 666 ft., sunlight is unable to penetrate the water and stimulate  the process that allows the food web to provide food to the creatures at that level.  As the result, food at this level is scare and the creatures at this level have ‘evolved bizarre adaptations to help them get what they can.”

Sunlight allows for the process of photosynthesis, or the ability to convert sunlight into energy, and energy is used to create matter that is used to create life.  Life created from photosynthesis in the sea eventually serves to feed higher sea creatures.  The most basic life form created from photosynthesis is called phytoplankton.

  • Phyto: wanderer/drifter;  plankton: plant

Phytoplankton are the unseen microorganisms that form the basis of the beginning of the food chain.  When phytoplankton gathers together in high concentrations, it appears visibly as green discoloration in the water.  It is this simple, primitive source of food which “zooplankton, copepod crustaceans, shrimp-like krill, jellyfish, whales, squids, snails, sharks, fish and a multitude of other organisms” dine on to sustain their energy.  Being lowest on the food chain, the level higher than it, zooplankton, eats on phytoplankton, to which the next higher level dines on the level beneath it, and so on and so forth.  Despite its simple beginnings, phytoplankton play a major role in life in the sea; however, interestingly enough, it is the origin of phytoplankton that reveals great truth.

While phytoplankton can be found on the surface of the water and uses photosynthesis to generate itself, it originates from paramecium, which is found on the bottom of the sea and it uses darkness as energy to fuel its journey to eventually becoming the green discoloration on the surface of the water, known as algae.  Where photosynthesis uses sunlight for energy transformation, chemosynthesis uses its chemical composition for energy transformation.

Paramecium (greater study can be found using Wikipedia, etc.) is a reflection of the remains of the waste that has fallen to the bottom of the sea, yet, that waste become repurposed as it undergoes a chemical transformation, due to the darkness and pressure of the sea floor.  The paramecium now uses its own internal food source, generated from its chemosynthesis, to rise to the top of the sea, where it goes from an unseen organism(paramecium) to the seen organism (phytoplankton), known as algae or seaweed.  Since the nature of the algae represents impurities bubbling up from the bottom of the sea, as the first level of sea creature eats the algae, the sea creature is transformed as a result of what is eaten.  As sea creatures that have adapted to lower and lower depths eat the waste of higher depth dead sea creatures (who themselves have ingested the remains of the first level, algae), SPIRITUALLY, the moment comes when the impurities of the  ingested algae create an imbalance in the environment.  In other words, the moment comes in a person’s life when what is required or what is known about making it further in the World creates a decision making moment

The decision is to learn and do what is needed to adjust to the environment to remain, and/or, continue being successful at the current level, or begin the Kingdom Seeking process.  During the Kingdom Seeking process, the Sea creature begins being transformed into a Son of Aleph and learns how to reconcile the previously ingested impurities.  The value of this transformation allows the transition from the allegiance to the Sea (the World),to the allegiance to the Land (The Kingdom of Heaven on Earth).  On the other hand, a non-Kingdom Seeker (the moth to the Kingdom Butterfly), who is accompanying the Kingdom Seeker on the journey (spouse) is also transformed.  Believing that the ascent in their life is due to properly serving The Father (actually serving the limitedness of God), but does not reflect your Kingdom Seeking journey in energy or understanding, is spiritually transformed from paramecium to phytoplankton, as algae/seaweed.

Physically: A basic study of algae reveals that it can be used as a biofuel, the growth of which can aid in cleansing the air/atmosphere.

Spiritually: As the first level food chain producer, the spiritual information learned serves as fuel for the World (Sea creatures).  As the spiritual information is ‘eaten’ and passed along the various levels of Sea creatures, the eventual impurities of the information that was formed in darkness eventually cause the Sea creatures to make the same decision that the Kingdom Seeker made; thereby, allowing the Sea creatures to undergo the same transformation.

(Intro to next lesson) However, the once the Sea is transformed into the Lake of Fire , the oxygen (spiritual information) is replaced by sulfur (healing balm and cleaning fumigant) to serve as fuel for the Fire.  This now (Lake of Fire) allows ‘simple organisms’, such as algae, to gain access to the conditions needed that eliminate impurities; thereby, allowing the algae to feed the next level of fish, supplying them the proper information needed to eventually reach the point where each level of Sea creature is transformed into a Son/Daughter of Aleph.  Those that do not embrace the transition to The Kingdom of God/Heaven move deeper into the Sea and further away from Land and end up in the Ocean.  BIRDS of the Air who ‘eat’ that transformed composition of the algae/Fish within the Lake of Fire consume the new thought process and begin using their talents and resources toward providing what is needed for The Kingdom of Heaven and its Kingdom Seekers.

Making it, from the Sea, to the Land/Earth is where Dominion of the Sons/Daughters of Aleph is located. Transitioning away from the Heavens and the World (the Sea) to The Kingdom of God/Heaven (Earth).  On another dimensional level, this is similar to the previous metaphor of the caterpillar to Butterfly scenario.  Just as the Fish of the Sea ‘eat’  that which is in the Sea until it reaches the point of transitioning into a Kingdom Seeker, so too does each spiritual caterpillar ‘eat’ from the leaves of the World until it transitions into its chrysalis, undergoes its transformation and emerges to pollinate and eat the sweet nectar of the flowers in The Garden.

Conversely, just as the caterpillar ate it food and was transformed in the light and the moth ate its food and transformed in darkness, paramecium are fueled by darkness, to reach the surface of the water; however, due to its growth in darkness, the paramecium never activates its internal ‘spiritual temperature’ to the level of the Spirit of The Father.  Therefore, the paramecium must undergo another process of transformation to become properly activated.

I introduced the idea of the Lake of Fire and such a topic requires a lesson unto itself; therefore, the next lesson will go into much greater depth.

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