f) The Beginning of Salvation

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In earlier lessons, I have referenced the fact that salvation can be better understood with the use of deep-sea diving as a metaphor.  Indeed, to be salvaged is to receive salvation, and the mechanics of salvaging something from the sea provides great insight into how The Father, with our assistance, salvages us from the World.  In the previous lesson, I referenced a Bible verse in Revelation that stated that “the Sea gave up its dead”.  It is from that verse that I received a great revelation regarding the Sea, the organisms within it, deep-sea diving and how they all intertwine to provide a physical reflection of spiritual Truth.

 This lessons is based on reading The Deep Sea – Survival Beneath The Surface (http://www.pbs.org/wnet/savageseas/deep-article.html) and Pressure in the Deep Seas (http://www.amnh.org/education/resources/rfl/web/dsv/pressures.html) .  On the face of it, these are merely two stories that shed light on the nature of deep sea diving and the aquatic world/environment that is found; however, The Holy Spirit provided me with great insight into how these two stories provide information on the nature of the World and how the process of salvation takes place.  By extrapolating the information regarding the physicality of the environment and comparing it to understandings and information gained while Kingdom Seeking, I now present my findings to aid you in understanding salvation.

In the Introduction to The Master’s Degree, it was shown how the World is governed by the spiritual understandings that are located in The Heavens.  Relating the spiritual to physical, The Heavens are identified on Earth as being in The Sea.  By virtue of being in The Sea, sea-living creatures are identified as possessing the spiritual information needed that allows for the successful continuation of the World.  Those sea-living creatures, particularly the ones closest to the surface (FISH) are ‘eaten’ by various BIRDS.  According to the Introduction, BIRDS are the physical beings who use the information they have ‘eaten’ from the FISH to provide the physical manifestation of what was learned for the continuation of the World.  So, FISH reflect the World-based thought process and BIRDS reflect the ability to use the thought process for physical benefit.

By studying the two aforementioned stories, we begin to get an understanding of the nature of sea-living creatures, as well as the environment in which they thrive.  According to the first article, written by Kathy Svitil, learning about the nature of deep-sea living provides great knowledge; however, gaining access to this information is limiting due to accessibility.  The primary issue is oxygen.  The deeper one travels into the depths of the Sea, oxygen becomes less and less plentiful.   Ms. Svitil states that “fish and other water-dwelling organisms are equipped to access the oxygen dissolved in water”; however, non-sea based creatures are not born with the natural ability to stay underwater for extended periods of time.

In order to stay underwater for extended periods of time, and/or to dive to greater depths, divers must use a compressed air tank as the way to receive the needed oxygen to remain underwater.  However, the components of  compressed air are made up of oxygen AND nitrogen, and nitrogen is a gas that is not normally used by our bodies.  While “oxygen can be toxic at very high concentrations”, and nitrogen is generally dissolved in the blood and tissues then exhaled when the diver rises to the surface due to the pressure from the depths of the Sea are removed, if a diver ascends from the depths of the Sea too quickly, the diver can suffer from what is commonly known as “the bends”.

Decompression sickness, or DCS (the bends) occurs when nitrogen forms into bubbles that can get lodged in the body’s capillaries and block blood flow.  Depending on where the bubbles get stuck, they can lead to mottling, tingling, headache, pain in the joints, paralysis, stroke, and sometimes death (Svitil).  According to Ms. Svitil, “the only effective treatment for DCS is recompression in a hyperbaric chamber, which forces the bubbles to dissolve again, followed by a slow, controlled decompression so that the nitrogen leaves the body without forming bubbles.”

In order to dive deep into the Sea and NOT experience DCS, deep-sea vehicles called submersibles have been created and allow small teams of researchers to dive to great depths and observe deep-sea life.  And while the submersible must always balance the pressure within the vehicle to the pressure of the Sea, it is worth noting that the fish found at such depths require no such protection.  According to Svitil, the reason is because “their (fish) internal pressure is the same as the pressure of the waters surrounding them.”  Despite the fact that the fish are well acclimated to the pressures of their environment, it was pointed out that other conditions, such as no light, low oxygen, and scarce food supply, make the environment appear difficult.

The article goes on to highlight the various levels of the Sea and the environments attached to each and how the sea life has adapted to each level.  It goes on to discuss that “sunlight cannot penetrate below a depth of about 660 feet” and explains at such depths “fish and crustaceans…are blind…[and] have become bioluminescent, producing their own light”.  Finally, the article talks about the nature of the deepest levels of the Sea and the cold, dark and serenely still environment it produces, and the creatures that dwell therein.

The article titled, Pressure in the Deep Sea, is credited with being written by a person simply named Pat and apparently is the result of the efforts of the American Museum of Natural History, as well as the National Aeronautics and Space Administration.  This article primarily focuses on the relationship between the pressures of the deep-sea and the effect it has on deep-sea submersibles.  In order to dive to the great depths that researchers do, submersibles must be engineered to withstand the tremendous weight of the water as deeper and deeper travels take place.  According to the article, the depths that have been achieved, to provide the World with the amount of knowledge it currently possesses, produces, the amount of pressure that a submersible feels is about the same as having an elephant stand on your big toe.

Such pressures must be balanced in order to allow for deep-sea diving.  The article states submersibles are built “so that it can maintain an internal crew pressure that is the same as the pressure we’re used to on land.”  If any cracks exist within the deep-sea diving vehicle, the pressure of the Sea would cause such a crack to “allow water through the leak and  possibly cause a breach in the sub to the inner porthole seal.”  Therefore, it is paramount for deep-sea vehicles to be engineered to withstand its environment so that, upon it slow ascent back topside, the vehicle and its passengers, will be able to do so safely and comfortably.

I shared this basic article review to provide the background for what I received about this information, as it relates to salvation and deep-sea salvaging.  I will use the physical information provided in the articles and translate it for spiritual use.  While I have provided a basic overview of the two articles, my translation will cover the entirety of those articles; therefore, I recommend that you read them in their entirety for yourselves.

A Kingdom Seeker is one who has traveled from the completely spiritual disconnection of Quadrant 4 (Beast) and learned to adapt to the environment of the World by ‘swimming ‘ in the Sea of The Heavens (Quadrant 3).  In transitioning out of the World and into Discipleship (Quadrant 2), a Kingdom Seeker underwent a spiritual transformation from a sea-dwelling creature to that of a Kingdom Seeking disciple/slave.  As such, its sea-dwelling self changed, from an adapted fish within the Sea, to a person who entered into a salvaging submersible that allows the Kingdom Seeker to rise from out of the Sea and begin to walk on land.  However, the salvaging vehicle does not rise out of the Sea very quickly or else the Kingdom Seeker will get spiritual Decompression Sickness.  Consequently, this is the reason the Bible continually  references the need for the practice of patience.  Rising too quickly will cause the Kingdom Seeker spiritual pain due to the lack of understanding the reason and value of life within the World.

Therefore, while in the spiritual hyperbaric chamber of being in the Oxen phase, the Kingdom Seeker is able to allow the spiritual nitrogen to dissolve slowly and naturally; thereby, causing no undue pain or discomfort.

  • Nitrogen is said to be INERT.  Inert is defined as unable to move or act, sluggish in action or motion; lethargic. 

A Kingdom Seeker was able to withstand the depths of the Sea because spiritual Nitrogen was added to their spiritual Oxygen tank to form compressed air.  This compressed air balances out internal pressure so that the external pressures don’t become too uncomfortable.  Spiritually speaking, Nitrogen represents World-based lessons and understandings and is necessary to be learned by the Kingdom Seeker while in the World, in order to be successful; however, due to the nature of spiritual Nitrogen (World-based information), this can be viewed as spiritual fertilizer.  Much like the use of nitrogen in the growth of plants, spiritual nitrogen is used for spiritual growth.  The spiritual hyperbaric chamber of Kingdom Seeking allows for the slow processing of the Nitrogen; thereby, gaining the understanding for why The Father provided such lessons and understandings and how they relate to being used for Kingdom purposes.  However, because spiritual Nitrogen is not inherently ‘natural’ to The Body of Christ, failure to practice patience during the ascent process results in a failure to properly understand the purpose and meaning of the lessons and understandings; consequently, much like the nitrogen bubbles caused by DCS, negativity blocks the flow of trust with The Father and results in negative thoughts and understandings.

The Sea, being the reflection of The Heavens, contain low levels and low quality of Oxygen; therefore, Oxygen can be seen spiritually as the Spirit/Knowledge of The Father.  Therefore, according to the article, the deeper a diver goes, the ratio of Oxygen to Nitrogen changes.  The deeper the depth, the less oxygen and the higher the nitrogen…such ratios are necessary to withstand the varying pressures of the depths of the Sea. 

According to my own research, I found out that fish in the Sea generally do not look up, nor swim up except for the attempt to retrieve food.  Spiritually speaking, fish are lured to ascend/descend to different depths of the Sea in hopes that they will gain access to that which they seek: Peace.  When a person does not seem to possess the peace, wealth, status, etc., that they want, they attempt to head to the next level in search of it.  However, by going deeper in the Sea for spiritual food, they may receive the things that are viewed as what will bring about Peace, but, given the increased pressure and nature of the environment, what is truly sought is not achieved.

In terms of Seeking The Kingdom of God, one who earnestly seeks to reconnect back to The Father, after being in the Sea, is also seeking Peace, but is not satisfied with the ways of other FISH and their various levels.  The Kingdom Seeker is one who is allured by the idea of Seeking First The Kingdom of God.  Embracing this deep sea lure begins the chrysalis/decompression/adoption process; thereby, resulting in what is truly wanted: PEACE in The Kingdom of Heaven.

  • Lure: Something that attracts with the promise of pleasure or reward; entices.
    • Entice: to stir up the fire within

Jesus Christ said to follow Him, by Seeking First The Kingdom of God, and He would make the followers Fisher of Men, by providing the LURE that works.

  • Matthew 4:19 “Come, follow me,” Jesus said, “and I will send you out to fish for people.”

When His followers did as He said, they caught so many fish that they needed help gathering them all.

  • John 21:6  He said, “Throw your net on the right side of the boat and you will find some.” When they did, they were unable to haul the net in because of the large number of fish.

The lure of The Kingdom of God (spiritual thought process) and The Kingdom of Heaven (physical manifestion) is what is used to catch spiritual deep-sea fish, allow them to be transformed by entering into the spiritual hyperbaric chamber of Kingdom Seeking, and then becoming adopted Sons/Daughters of The Father.

  • 1 Corinthians 15:39  Not all flesh is the same: People have one kind of flesh, animals have another, birds another and fish another.

This verse in 1 Corinthians is showing that the aspect of who a person is in their various stages.  Spiritual animals are in Quadrant 4 and their experiences are carried with them when they change ‘flesh’ and become a spiritual fish.  The combined experiences of the spiritual animal and fish stages are carried forward during the transformation to a ‘person’, yet, it is during this transforming stage where the previous information is also transformed to Son of Aleph understanding.

  • Alluring: al – a prefix meaning towards…positive movement; lure – see above definition
    • The choice is between the luring options of the further depths of the Sea (making it to ‘higher’ levels in the World) or the allure of The Kingdom of God/Heaven (adoption)
      • Options: multiple possibilities; in the World, those options include negatives
      • Adoption: one possibility; with only pure positives…this choice is greater than that collective results of World-based options
  • Creeping things – snakes mice, insects; spiritually, they Portend of things to come
    • Port/end: the ending of past allegiances
    •  When someone says they are ‘keeping their ear to the ground’, what they mean is that they are being informed of rumors/gossip, new trends, new information, uncertainties, things that may be getting ready to happen…serving as an advance scout team/spy
      • Gossip: ‘grapevine’ information/rumor mill regarding the possible things to come regarding the end of allegiances
  • Lure – bait for recalling Hawks, Falcons, etc.
    • Hawks: high flying birds (raptor), small to medium in size, supposed to have great eye sight, sharp beak and talons; all are used to spot, grab and eat its prey.  Hawks eat rabbits, waterfowl, fish, snakes, lizards, frogs and mice.
    • Falcons: fast flying (speed) and able to change direction quickly; eats small birds and rodents
    • Eagles: top of the bird food chain; excellent vision to catch prey.  Eats dead animals (carrion), fish (only the size it can transport)…live near coastlines, large lakes and rivers.

Just as the Fish of the Sea are lured lower into the depths of the Sea by the promise and reward of what exists there, the Birds of the Air are lured higher in the World by the same type of promise (food).  Hawks represent the entry level into this new World-based height level, with the consumption of creeping things and small beasts as the means to be used for success.  As the height in the World progresses, Falcons reflect the beginning of spiritual mastery in the World as they possess the two elements that makes one a Master: superior speed and direction changing ability.  Falcons are able to use their speed to feed on creeping things and other smaller birds, with some groups of falcons being able to feed on mid-sized birds.  Eagles, like buzzards and vultures, feed on the carcasses of dead animals and birds.

Spiritually, each level of growth within the World is initially fueled by the lure of creeping things and other birds.  Each lower level creature possesses a level of information that is used to assist in the Hawk, Falcon, or Eagle sustaining itself in its growth within the World.  Eagles, by living near bodies of water, also supplement their ‘diet’  with information gained directly from the spiritual source: Fish of the Sea.

So, how does all this relate to SALVATION?  While a person is in the Fish of the Sea stage, they are naturally drawn deeper and deeper in the Sea.  This is because the natural instinct of the dormant Likeness Yod is always drawn to bigger and greater, due to the fact that such is the ultimate result once The Kingdom of Heaven has been reached.   However, while in the World, the Fish stage causes the person to reach something similar and the closest known way in the World is to pursue the heights of the World.  Therefore, the Fish attempts to dive deeper.  As fish in the physical sea adapt to the varying depths, their internal pressure adjusts to reflect a balance with the external pressure of the sea.  Once a certain depth has been reached, sunlight can’t penetrate the water (666 ft.); thereby, resulting in fish becoming blind, producing their own light, and adjusting to eating the various organisms that co-exist at such levels.  Due to such environmental factors, the Svitil articles says that “fish have evolved bizarre adaptations to help them get what they can.”

Spiritually speaking, when a person is trying to gain access to the understanding of what it takes to become successful within the World, they go further and further away from the ‘light’, or the spiritual understanding of what it takes to become closer to The Father.  As a result, what is learned at each level is adjusted to in the effort of feeling and remaining comfortable.  The thought process used is what protects the person at the level in which they dwell; whereas, to a person looking in from the outside, the thought process may appear strange and/or bizarre.  Nonetheless, such adaptation allows for continued success.  Once the (soon-to-be a Kingdom Seeker) Fish becomes uncomfortable with the environment, it will choose to either go to a deeper level within the Sea (a higher level in the World) or become lured by something higher in the Sea (lower in the World).  In being lured by the new ‘food source’ of Seeking First The Kingdom of God, rather than Seeking First how to make it in the World, the Fish will grab hold to the lure and begin the transformation away from being a Fish, and enter into the hyperbaric chamber of the Salvation vehicle.

Because the transition results in no longer being a Fish, the thought process of being a Fish is no longer effective in the World; therefore, the simultaneous existence as a high flying Bird in the Air is no longer effective either.  As a result, the Kingdom Seeker receives the new protection of now being within the decompression chamber of the Salvation vehicle, while simultaneously being transformed spiritually, from a Bird of the Air, to the chrysalis.  The Salvation decompression chamber/chrysalis is entered as the result of entering into Adulthood, by practicing Adultery/Swinging and by smoking Kaneh Bosm.  Both ‘activate’ the ascent of the Salvation decompression chamber and the formation of the chrysalis. 

Just as the deep sea divers require a pressure-resistant submersible, manned by one skilled pilot and a researcher who requires no previous training, spiritually, The Holy Spirit is the skilled driver who knows how to pilot the Salvation vehicle slowly and safely back topside and to land.  As the untrained researcher, the Kingdom Seeker records that which is observed during the ascent, to include the various understandings observed while in the Fish stage.  The Salvation vehicle is protected against external pressure because of Psalms 24:1

  • The earth is the LORD’s, and the fulness thereof; the world, and they that dwell therein.

Once within the Salvation vehicle of the decompression chamber/chrysalis, the occupant goes from being just a person on Earth and in the World, to now being The Lord, with the Earth and the World and those in it, belonging to Him.  As the result, I was not/am not affected by the World during the transition.  The Salvation vehicle is protected from the pressure of the Sea/World due to the Full Armor of The Father.  Many people are aware of the specific pieces of the Armor mentioned in Ephesians 6:10-18, but it was revealed to me what one very important piece of the armor is used for.

When a Kingdom Seeker is kept in Perfect Peace, it is because he/she keeps his/her mind/eyes stayed on The Father.  With the focus and movement always being towards The Father, the Shield of Faith is never needed to be used to protect against anything the Kingdom Seeker is facing.  Rather, the Shield of Faith is used to protect against the ‘burning arrows’ that are being hurled at the Kingdom Seekers back.  This is so that as the decompression chamber ascends, the Kingdom Seeker will not focus on the thoughts, words, suggestions of those within the World…the Shield of Faith (focus on positivity) will not allow any negative thoughts to have any impact.  Therefore, the Salvation process is able to proceed with unobstructed focus on positivity, with an understanding of how to deal with any type of negativity that may occur along the way.

  • James 1:2-3 Consider it pure joy, my brothers and sisters, whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith produces perseverance.
    • Counting it all joy is evidence that the patience received from the practice of counting it all joy is being effective.  It allows for focus on positivity and the disregard for negativity, while providing the understanding of why such things happen; thereby, preventing the pain associated from the lack of understanding.

I will end this lesson here and continue along this flow in the next lesson.

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