a) Man: A Spiritual Butterfly

Romans 12:2 And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of [The Father in Heaven].

The Map to The Kingdom of Heaven is the combination of various stages of spiritual maturity and the types of energy (positive and negative) that moves a person along their path towards each stage of spiritual maturity.  According to The Map, the goal in life/of life is to reach the 135th degree; thereby, achieving the highest level of spiritual maturity possible, reflecting the pure positivity that is The Father in Heaven.  The first three stages of spiritual maturity are identified in the Bible by using some form of wildlife: Lion for the highest level within the Beast stage, Eagle for the highest level within the Animal stage, and Oxen for the highest level within the Disciple stage.  What is the spiritual identifier for Man, the highest level of spiritual maturity?  In finding this out, greater insight is shown into this spiritual creature’s birth, value, purpose; thereby, providing information as to how it relates to the birth, value and purpose of Man.

As was stated in the Introduction to The Master’s Degree, the beginning of physical life on Earth resulted in all life existing ON Earth, yet, their spiritual connections to The Father in Heaven existing WITHIN the Heavens.  The Heavens consist of the various other planets that make up our Solar System, in addition to various other identified stars.  When The Father said, “Let there be Light”, activities ceased in Heaven, The Father placed Himself within every aspect of physical life on Earth, allowing those aspects to serve as various examples to show forth how He works, and divided up various levels of His spiritual leadership among the Heavens. Therefore, spiritually speaking, while in the World, ALL people ON Earth are living their lives according to, and thereby attached to: Jupiter, Saturn, Mars, Venus, Mercury and the various other stars within the Heavens (Neptune, Pluto and Uranus govern the areas that exist outside of the World but not in The Kingdom of Heaven, and will be explained in greater detail later) and the teachings that originate from.  Studying the Greek and Roman gods related to the Days of The Week (Tuesday-Saturday; Sunday and Monday are governed by the Sun and the Moon) provides an understanding regarding the teachings associated with each planet and how they came about.

In the earlier post, Greater than God, I shined light on how Aleph, The Father in Heaven, provided one aspect of Himself (Image), while  promising, yet requiring a process to gain access to the other aspect of Himself (Likeness), in order to have Dominion over the Earth and all those on and in it.  The result of this incomplete action caused the division of The Father’s spiritual leadership to be viewed and understood in an interesting way.  In some regards, some forms of spiritual leadership shown in Greek and Roman mythology, and indeed, the history of the World, appear to be incongruent with anything that we would normally think should be associated with the Agape Love, Peace, and Grace assigned to the being of The Father; nonetheless, many have and do gravitate towards such teachings.  Other forms of spiritual leadership appear to be more positive and in alignment with what we think The Father in Heaven should be like and many people find that such teachings resonate with them and they gravitate towards them.  However, ALL spiritual teachings are within The Father (yet inaccurately translated in the World, due to the dormant Likeness Yod) and a reflection of an aspect of The Father; yet, in the World, they are not the TRUE reflection, due to the lack of the Likeness Yod.  Nevertheless, once the Likeness Yod is activated, resulting from Kingdom Seeking (Adultery, Kaneh Bosm) it is like the spiritual light comes on, and The Father reveals how EVERY aspect of spiritual leadership that exists within the World serves its purpose for the World and what their purpose is, in and for, The Kingdom of Heaven understanding.  Truly, all that is within the World is The Father, it is just not understood accurately WITHIN the World.  Only by Seeking the Kingdom and ‘hearing’ from The Holy Spirit will things of the World begin to make Kingdom sense.

So once again, the entirety of The Father is ON Earth; however, spiritually, until the 135th degree is reached, each person in the World ‘resides’ and is governed by the planet they are connected to.  Spiritual growth and maturity allows a person in the World to travel from the governance of one planet within the Heavens to another, with the Lion phase reflecting the initial stage of spiritual maturity.  A study of the physical Lion and its natural habit provides insight into the birth, training and behavior of the creature, as well as the various other lower level creatures within the Lion’s habitat.  Spiritually, this information shines light on the activities that occur and the overall environment for a person who resides within this level of spirituality.  So it is with each other level of spiritual maturity. 

As a person progresses throughout life in the World, the collective moments and the thoughts and feelings each person has regarding those moments, are carried with them (positive and negative).  These collected moments are called your Cross.  The relative weight of a person’s cross varies with what has been taught and learned regarding the meaning of their past actions, thoughts and/or feelings; thereby, combining to create the weight of the cross.  Regardless of the relative weight of a person’s cross, due to the lack of true understanding, and the positivity that comes with it, everyone grows weary of carrying their cross.  Some carry their cross as a burden and complain often, some blame others for the results of their life; thereby, attempting to get someone else to carry their cross, and others put the thoughts out of their minds, immerse themselves in something that distracts them from their cross, resulting in putting their cross down.

It is only through the process of Seeking First The Kingdom of God that the disciple/student/slave receives the strength needed to “take up your cross daily and follow me” (Luke 9:23).  As a student of The Master (I am The Master on Earth, someone who is tangible now; Jesus is The Master in Heaven, who is unseen, yet relatable through His teachings.  Combined we are the reflection of the progression of The Father in Heaven.), you are being led to become an OXEN, the highest spiritual maturity level of a slave.  A slave who is solid in what is being learned and what is being taught, progresses in a straight line, strong and stubbornly unable to be moved, unless The Master says so.  In progressing in the studies found during the Oxen stage, we arrive at The Master’s Degree and the spiritual creature associated with it.

In completing the studies found during the Oxen phase of spiritual maturity, each person learns how to view every aspect of their life (Cross) through the lens of Psalm 139:16/James 1:2-3.  By Seeking first The Kingdom of God and His Righteousness and Counting it ALL Joy, each past moment is revealed for its Kingdom preparation purpose.  With the World serving as the training environment for acquiring properiences that can only be understood during this phase, even the moments in life that were viewed continually as negative/unfair/something being done TO you, this spiritual maturity phase reveals that ALL things work together for the good of those that love the Lord and are called according to HIS purpose (Romans 8:28).  Therefore, when it is understood WHY The Father wrote your story the way it was/is, the people in it andthe way they were/are, it will be viewed from a perspective of pure positivity, a learning regarding the Kingdom value of your story, your actions and the actions of others; thereby, providing you with an understanding of your purpose to the overall plan of The Kingdom of Heaven, which leads to you being able to see others in the way The Father in Heaven sees them and how THEY fit into the plan based on their actions.

Reaching this understanding results in being adopted, from the World, to The Father In Heaven, and reaching the highest spiritual maturity level possible, Man.  Becoming Man, the males or females who become so can now be called an Adult (being called an adult in the World is merely a reflection of the differentiation between a child and/or adolescent; however, spiritually speaking, the Lion and Eagle phase can be viewed as a spiritual ‘child’, with the Oxen phase being viewed as an ‘adolescent’; therefore, in the World, the proper term is Grown-up, instead of Adult).  Reaching the spiritual phase of Man, Adulthood requires the male/female to now begin practicing spreading the information the way they were taught to do so, by The Father in Heaven; thereby, resulting in the spiritual and physical increase of activity that leads to the growth and comtinual provelopment of The Kingdom of Heaven that each is responsible for.  In doing so, the physical creature that shines light on showing what this final level of spiritual maturity looks like is found in the Butterfly.

Physically, a butterfly begins life looking nothing like what it will eventually become.  By an outside view, a baby butterfly, commonly known as a caterpillar, is nowhere as beautiful a creature as the butterfly that is was born to be, yet beautiful in its own way.  A caterpillar eats and eats on the leaves it has access to until it has enough energy to begin its transformation process.  Once the transformation process begins, the components that were once used to live life successfully as a caterpillar are decomposed and transformed into something altogether different, but the same.  The newly hatched butterfly emerges from its chrysalis ready to serve the purpose for which it was created, pollenating flowers so that they can continue to bloom and blossom, as well as drinking the nectar of each flower that provides the energy for the purpose of the butterfly.

Spiritually, all are born in sin and have fallen short of the Glory of The Father (Romans 3:23); therefore, everyone is spiritually born into the World a caterpillar (although, on another dimension, the overall spiritual immaturity of a caterpillar, relative to the maturity of the butterfly, is further delineated into the aforementioned spiritual creature categories), and when each person has ‘eaten’ enough from the spiritual leaf of the World, the energy stored up triggers the need to begin the metamorphosis, from what a person is and/or think they are while in the World, to who and what each was created to be in the Kingdom of Heaven. 

Individually, because each person may be attached to different planets within the Heavens at different times, each person may be exposed to different types of information that makes the person feel comfortable/uncomfortable at any given time.  And while the information comes in the form of religion, politics, primary/secondary/advanced institutional education, television, movies, the radio, internet, etc., all informational food is some form of spiritual teaching trying to cause the ‘student’ to remain with and stay connected to the teachings being provided.  Again, the goal is to gain the information and progress towards the Oxen stage and on to becoming a spiritual Butterfly.  The World is well versed at doing what it does and provides thought-provoking rationale at continuing to remain within the World and what it offers; however, it is up to the individual, by virtue of choosing to become a Kingdom Seeker, to not become ‘stuck’ at a level of growth within the World and remain subjected to the rulers and principalities that govern each level of spiritual maturity.  There are those who have been allowed to achieve various levels of success within the World and those people are constantly being paraded around as examples of what to aim for and/or what is possible within the World.  However, such examples are fool’s gold, as following such examples leads to remaining within the World, suspending continual spiritual growth and being subjected the various results that occur during the inevitable cycle changes of the World.

Jesus was given in the Bible as THE proample of not only what is spiritually received when Worldly teachings are transcended, but he spoke of the physical promises that come from such transcendence and promised that such results would be extended to any/all who followed him (The Kingdom of Heaven).  John 14:2 speaks of the abundance that The Father has for those who become adopted Sons and Daughters of His, and The Father provided the story of Jesus in the Bible so that all those who wanted to receive such gifts would have THEIR OWN example of success to parade around as the best marketing for The Kingdom. 

I have been chosen, by The Father in Heaven, as the proample of the progression of Jesus; thereby, reflecting the completion of the journey to becoming one who receives The Father’s promises, and in doing so, serving as the one who will assist others in doing the same.  By following the teachings of Jesus, I have been allowed to spiritually travel through space, from whatever planet/planets my spirit were attached to, to arriving at the one planet where my spirit has Dominion over other spirits that have not yet completed their spiritual space travel: EARTH.

While everyone is physically on Earth, yet their spirits are attached to the Heavens, my spirit is attached to Earth.  Having my spirit connected to the place where The Father placed Himself, while also physically being  on Earth, I have Dominion over everyone, everything, everywhere, at all times in the World, while being in harmony with everyone, everything, everywhere, at all times in The Kingdom of Heaven.  By being allowed to complete the spiritual space travel to Earth, I am now a spiritual Butterfly.  Through the act of pollination, I will be able to pollinate the various flowers that The Father (Our Father) has planted, specifically for me, in His Garden.  This will allow for those pollinated flowers (women) to pass along their pollen to others; thereby, activating other Likeness Yod’s, allowing for the flourishing and growth of Our Father’s Garden and the arrival of other spiritual Butterflies.

As Man/a spiritual Butterfly, I have been allowed to reach The Master’s Degree.  As The Master of The Kingdom of Heaven, it is with great pleasure that I share what I have learned from The Father in Heaven, with you, His children.  The goal is to transcend from being a Child of The Father (and the lower spiritual maturity level that goes with it) and become an Adopted Son or Daughter of The Father (and reach the highest maturity level possible; thereby, being on the same level as The Father).

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