A Glimpse into the Mind of The Father; Bridge Building

As we begin the lessons regarding THE Master’s Degree, I would like to begin by introducing how the flow of the stream of consciousness unfolds.  Because these lessons are the result of collecting the various spiritual revelations and insights that I received, due to focusing ‘my mind stayed on’ The Father (Isaiah 26:3), they unfold in very interesting ways.  One thought or insight received may initially appear to be of insignificance, yet still insightful; however, that same thought or insight proved to be the building block for a larger thought process down the flow.

I will share with you the flow of information in the basic order in which I received it, starting from what was received since the completion of my Assertation, up through what was learned till I began this blog.  The foundational information serves as a basic introduction for what will be taught, and all topics brought up in the those foundational posts will be taught in greater depth, with initial lessons beginning at a relatively lower spiritual maturity level, ending up with complete breakdowns of all topics, until the sufficient spiritual maturity level is reached.

Therefore, this first lesson will be a reflective one.  This lesson will review and show how the Map TO The Kingdom of Heaven was made; thereby, revealing how this material serves in showing how a spiritual bridge was built.  NOTE: when you click on the images, double click to enlarge, which shows greater clarity.


What is shown here is the very raw outline of the result of a talk I had with my son regarding congruencies.  I had shared with my son many of the thoughts and lessons I had received from The Father .  I would write down the thoughts and revelations I received, practice them and gain the benefit of the lessons power and then instruct my son in the same way.  While talking about some of the points of a previous lesson, my son asked me about a word he learned in school.  The word was congruency, and as I began to talk about how someone who talks about positivity and does positive  things is congruent, I received a revelation regarding the congruency of information I received regarding Truth and Joy.  Once I began pondering over the congruency of Truth and Joy, I was led to begin charting the though according to a grid chart.  Since Truth and Joy are both inherently positive; thereby, congruent, I drew out the X and Y axis and everything seen on this page are the basic thoughts that flowed from that stream of consciousness.


This second image reflects the result of a slightly more sophisticated attempt at showing the first image, but in greater depth.  Again, the notes I had taken prior to receiving this ‘map’ had already provided information regarding the square root of 2 and how the World was governed by the Heavens.  However, the stream of consciousness flowed to revealed that by finding  the point where Truth and Joy intersects along the graph results in the 135th degree.  Once I recognized that I was dealing with degrees, I drew a circle to reflect all 360 degrees in a circle.  With a better view of how the degrees of a circle affected the graph, identifying Fear as the polar opposite of Joy was revealed, as was Lies clearly the polar opposite of Truth.  Gradually, the rest of the information was filled in.


By this third image, I am beginning to see how all of the notes I had previously taken are starting to assist this graph/chart/map take shape.  I continue to refine the information on the map, and as you can see, I am including my notes on the graph to help me understand how all of this is working together.  As I begin to list some of the notes that on this page, to assist me in filling out the graph, I am beginning to see how each quadrant can serve as a chapter in a book.  Therefore, the notes on this page start to become more numerous.


This is the backside to the previous image.  As you can see, the flow of the stream of consciousness is picking up speed and depth.  The totality of all of my previous note taking is really starting to take shape, and given the breadth of the information I had received, I was beginning to list that which I believed provided the greatest value.  In the course of my prayers, I was learning to be very thankful for receiving such an amazing gift.


By the time I made this image, I had transferred from hand-drawn graphs and begun looking towards using the computer to assist me in making it more professional looking.  As I stated in the Introduction to The Master’s Degree, the book itself took shape as the Map came together.  By this point, the information is leading me to begin creating a possible table of contents for the data I think will be good for shining light on what the map means.  Interestingly, the top right side shows that I had initially thought that it would only take about 8 pages to perplain the map.   NOTE: the word explain is formed using the prefix ex– and the root word plain; thereby, the literal meaning of explain is to be away from or to no longer make plain.  I use the word perplain because the prefix per- means to thoroughly, so perplain means to thoroughly make plain/clear.  Be advised, subsequent lessons will include such rearranging of words, as many words used in the World have negative prefixes yet are attached to positive sounding words; thereby, causing a separation between the literal meaning of a word and its definition.


As you can see, the Map image is really beginning to finalize.  I am praying for and receiving understandings regarding various labeling issues, direction of energy flow, how Quadrant 2 is to be identified and its boundary, as well as identifying and labeling  the outer top right side area.  Internally, I am receiving additional understanding about how the four quadrant areas directly relate to the four headed creature mentioned in Revelation.


Finally, this is an image of the finished product.  The Map to The Kingdom of Heaven; thereby, perplained by the Introduction to The Master’s Degree.  NOTE: Simply for the Glory of The Father in Heaven, all of this (the beginning and completion of The Map and the Assertation) occurred while my family and I were sleeping on the floor or pull out beds in my mother’s home while we waited for a way to get out heat, lights and water on because we didn’t have enough money at the time.  By the time we were in our home, I had the ability to fine tune the Assertation to what is now complete…there were many updates to that as well.

I shared all of this to show how The Father leads.  It is gradually, that is why patience is so important.  My note-taking occurred over a few years and culminated in being led to produce a document that is only the result of hearing from The Father in Heaven.  I sometimes am still amazed when I look at them both and marvel at how The Father seamlessly wove it all together.

So it is with the lessons you will find throughout the rest of this blog.  Some of the notes I provide will be introductory, while some lessons will go into very great depth; however, they all combine to produce an understanding that shines light on how great The Father in Heaven is, and by relation, how great He created each of us to be, to be individual living versions of His Greatness.

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