Mutual Adultery/Sexual Swinging, Kaneh Bosm (Smoking Weed); Keys to Salvation [Jesus Christ advocates Mutual Adultery]


[Once you read this vital introduction, I recommend you click The Bible Uncovered and Bible Uncovered Part 2 to get a greater understanding of this topic]

In the Greater than God post, I introduced the understanding regarding the Hebrew letter Aleph and the two Yod’s and one Vav that assist in making up the letter.  The Hebrew letter Aleph is the representation of The Father in Heaven, as all that is or will ever be exists within that one letter, and came forth out of Aleph as  individual reflections of various aspects of The Father in Heaven.  The two Yod’s are directly related to The Father’s Image and Likeness and show how all that is or will ever be came to be.  To get a deeper understanding regarding this highly important principle, I request that you take a look at the Apocryphon of John (

Of all of the vast material I was led to over this journey, the Apocryphon of John is the best one at shining light at WHO and WHAT The Father in Heaven is and HOW things were in Heaven before the Beginning of Genesis in the Bible.  In the Apocryphon of John, John relays what was told to him by the Savior who had taught him, and others, “regarding this realm [being] modeled on the imperishable realm”.   The Savior goes on to tell John about The Father of All and he tells of how things came to be.  As The Father became enamored with His reflected image seen in the “light-water”, His Self-Aware Thought (referred to as feminine) the reflected image he was enamored with — came into being.  The Self-Aware Thought was itself a twin/dual aspect, as a second aspect (also feminine) is mentioned in the same regard, and it is called Providence.  Together, the interaction between The Father, Self-Aware Thought and Providence resulted in the only begotten off-spring of the Mother-Father.  So, to recap, The Father of All looked at His reflection and what came forth was HIS Self-Aware Thought and what came from HIS Self-Aware Thought was the understanding of how to make HIS Self-Aware Thought come into being (Providence).  The result of The Father’s Self-Aware Thought going from just a thought and then into being (via Providence) resulted in The Only Begotten Son in Heaven.

Now that we have a basic idea of how things transpired in Heaven, let us review Genesis 1:26.  Because the Self-Aware Thought of the Father in Heaven was to take His various Thoughts/Aspects and individualize them into being, via Providence, a better understanding is now had regarding the “Let US” statement.  When The Father said “Let us make MAN after our Image, and according to our Likeness…” quite a lot was said.  The us and our refers to The Father, Self-Aware Thought and Providence, and since MAN was to be the reflection of The Father in Heaven, but on Earth, MAN was to also have Self-Aware Thought and Providence as well.  Therefore, as was learned in an earlier post, Image (Self-Aware Thought) refers to the transferred authority over that which causes destruction and Likeness (Providence) refers to the path that guarantees life over destruction.

So, in Genesis 1:27, Image (Self-Aware Thought) was given, but Likeness (Providence), although promised in Genesis 1:26, was not initially given (requiring the Journey of Seeking First The Kingdom to receive Likeness), with the eventual combination of the two to result (Image AND Likeness) in Dominion (The Kingdom of Heaven)…so, what does this have to do with Adultery, Weed and Salvation?  Well, the answer is found in the story of my life.

  • Psalm 139:16 Your eyes saw my unformed body; all the days ordained for me were written in your book before one of them came to be.
  • Jeremiah 1:4-5 The word of the Lord came to me, saying, “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart; I appointed you as a prophet to the nations.”

While on my journey as a Kingdom Seeker, these Bible verses unlocked many, if not all, of the questions I have had regarding my life and my purpose on Earth; thereby, resulting in the information found in the Introduction to The Master’s Degree, as well as this information, The Master’s Degree.  The reason these verses are so powerful is because they put into true context every moment of my life; past, present, and what is to come.

Adultery/Swinging: As a young man (I use the word Man primarily as the species that has matured to rule and reign in the Kingdom of Heaven, and man as a matured male within the World) growing up in the World, I was always drawn to pornography and the act of sex.  As a grown-up, instead of drowning my pain with drugs or alcohol (although I did drink, but I was under the impression it would enhance sex), I found sex to be the perfect (emotional) pain reliever.  During my first marriage, I was so consumed with what I thought of being married, that I never once thought of cheating.  While married, I heard whispers of men being adulterous and even heard of married couples involved in something called Swinging.  I never paid any attention to those things and continued along with trying to be the best husband I could be.  However, growing up with no father in my home to show how to be a husband, and with no other suitable example in my life, my shortcomings as a man resulted in my wife divorcing me.

I followed that painful experience the way I had dealt with other emotional pain, lots of sex with as many grown females who would allow me.  However, after several months, I began to feel the need to settle down and end my promiscuous ways.  I met a very beautiful woman, who I was determined to please by correcting the mistakes of my first marriage.  After she gave birth to our son, and after a few years of us trying to see if we would be compatible for marriage, I was married for the second time.

Once married, I thought the beauty and sex appeal of my wife would be enough to rid me of my desire of wanting sex with random women, yet whenever negative issues regarding marriage came up, in this marriage, I began to cheat.  I had met an older, married woman during the break-up of my first marriage, who introduced me to my first extra-marital experience and from that point on, adultery became an acceptable response to my marital problems.  As a result, over the course of my marriage, I found myself involved in many adulterous situation.  As I grew tired of having my wife find out I was cheating, and the complications that come from finding out, I knew I still had an emotional hole that wasn’t being filled and I knew that I probably would cheat again for the emotional pain relief; however, this time, I suggested that we BOTH should enter the world of swinging.  I would get the satisfaction of pleasing another female, she would be pleased by another male and somewhere I hoped it would draw us closer.

In an attempt to ease the initial insecurity and stress related to swinging, I began to smoke Kaneh Bosm (in the World, called Weed, cannabis, etc.).  Smoking indeed calmed and relaxed me and in many cases made sex a much more heightened and pleasurable experience.  My wife and I were in the swinging lifestyle for a few years; however, an interesting thing happened.  My personal small business began to grow exponentially and I received a copy of The Secret, as well as the teachings of Myles Munroe, all of which combined to cause me/us to discontinue the swinging lifestyle.

I just provided insight into my background to shine light on my initial point.  If you re-read Psalm 139:16 and Jeremiah 1:4-5, it becomes clear that “I” didn’t do anything that was not already written and known by The Father in Heaven.  I was LED to everything done and saw.  While on the surface, those in the World have and continue to make Adultery/Swinging and smoking Weed appear to be very negative and counter to your salvation, they are actually the opposite, as I will now break each down for your understanding.  Note: please know that more, deeper information will be given in The Master’s Degree portion of this blog.

When The Father in Heaven gave Image, but not Likeness in Genesis 1:27, it is not that Likeness was not given, it is that Likeness was given but made dormant. The word dormant is defined as: lying asleep or as if asleep; inactive. If we look around the Bible, we should be able to find when this dormant moment first occurred. Indeed, we find in Genesis 2:21:

  • So the Lord God caused the man to fall into a deep sleep; and while he was sleeping, he took one of the man’s ribs and then closed up the place with flesh.

Now that we have identified when and where The Father caused Likeness to go dormant, let’s begin to understand WHY. In Genesis 1:26 it says ACCORDING to our Likeness. The word according is defined as in agreement or accord with; to bring into harmony. Therefore, receiving Likeness is the function of doing so in accord/harmony with the way that The Father in Heaven received His Likeness. In doing so, MAN gains insight into the thoughts and ways of The Father as the result of traveling along the path that leads to life over destruction (Path of Righteousness). So, how is the dormant YOD activated in order to be able to travel along the path? Well, now that we have defined dormant, let me break down the composition of the word to get a deeper understanding.

The word dormant is composed of the root word dorm and the suffix –ant. The word dorm is defined as a communal sleeping environment located in institutions of learning. The suffix –ant means kind of agent…something that performs an action. Therefore, dormant literally means an agent that provides a communal sleeping environment located in an institution of learning. A dorm is the place where the learner is housed with other learners in a dependent (on the institution) situation, where a peer-based council usually plans dorm-based social activities and voice student needs to the administration of the institution. Such a dependent environment explains why that which is dormant is inactive. When the student leaves the dorm for their own living space, they gain moments that mature them because they are interacting directly with the environment, while no longer depending on others. Just as the Likeness Yod is initially dormant and each person is dependent on the teaching of/in the World for guidance, activation of the Likeness Yod leads to direct interactions/understandings/independence that brings the individual in alignment with who they are in The Father and for The Kingdom of Heaven.

The dorm is similar to being housed dependently like a child to a parent, with moving out and moving on signaling increased maturity and the yearning for independence from the parent. Maturing beyond the safety and security of the housing environment of a parent/college/military (places that provide dorms for their learners) allows the person to explore actions and thoughts that are usually not permitted while in the dorm environment. Therefore, engaging in behavior that is usually considered unacceptable while in the dorm environment is what activates personal growth and maturity.

Spiritually, activating the Likeness Yod, and the path that it leads to, is done by engaging in activities that may be considered unacceptable in the dorm environment (the World), yet brings about spiritual growth and maturity. Therefore, based on personal experience, it has been revealed to me what the value of adultery/swinging and smoking Kaneh Bosm (activities with negative views in the dorm of the World) have on spiritual growth and spiritual maturity.

First, we will deal with Adultery. The root word of adultery is adult, while the suffix of the word is -ery. The word adult is a compound word, combining the prefix ad- with the prefix ult. The prefix ad- means to/towards and the prefix ult- means last/highest, while the suffix -ery means the collective qualities of. So, the literal meaning of the word adult is one who is towards the last/the highest (level of maturity). Therefore, the word adultery literally means the collective qualities of one who is towards the last/highest level of maturity. The word adultery is defined as voluntary sexual intercourse between a married person and someone other than his or her lawful spouse. So, the collective qualities that makes someone an ADULT is to be married and engaging in voluntary sex with someone other than their spouse, thus, making the person the highest spiritual/maturity level possible.

The reason adultery is so important is because it is an activity that is ‘frowned’ upon within the dorm environment (in this case, the World); however, what it does do is take the dormant Likeness Yod and activate it; thereby, allowing the adulterer to gain access to spiritual information regarding their path in life.  While I provide much greater information regarding this topic, I will provide foundational information regarding my life, using the Bible as reference, and later in The Master’s Degree lessons, I will go into even greater depth.

As a result of being a Kingdom Seeker, all of my life is being/has been filtered through The Holy Spirit and the Kingdom understanding is revealed.  As stated earlier, Psalm 139:16 makes it clear that every day of my life was written prior to my birth; therefore, the things that my wife, my family/friends, people in the World may have thought regarding my adulterous ways are not viewed the same way by The Father in Heaven.  Due to my smoking of Kaneh Bosm (which I will explain shortly) and by learning to Count it ALL Joy (James 1:2-3), I was able to forgive myself for what I perceived to be the horrible transgression of repeatedly being unfaithful to my wife.  Because I truly was repentant of my actions and did not want to continue such behavior, combined with the newfound clarity of thinking I was having from smoking, The Father began to reveal to me the value of Adultery and Swinging, as well as smoking.

After Adam was forced to leave the Garden of Eden, he no longer had the same connection to The Father in Heaven that he enjoyed while in the Garden.  Consequently, he, and all subsequent men, were required to rely on the input of their wife in order to gain the understanding of what to do next regarding continual movement through the World.  Males still possessed the ability to think for themselves, but once Adam found himself in an environment that he had no true understanding of (the World), he depended on his wife’s instinct to recognize eventual problems and/or successes to help guide his decision making.  Therefore, while males in the World possessed the strength to carry out decisions and serve as leadership, females in the World possessed the understanding needed to know what decisions needed to be made.

So, initially, males were always looking for a virgin, as virgins came to this World ‘hardwired’ with certain spiritual information, that when accessed via sexual intercourse, propelled the male, and those who followed him, along the path that allowed for various levels of Worldly success.  Nonetheless, because the information was Worldly based, it was never designed to be permanent; therefore, the successes would inevitably result in some form of failure or defeat.

Next, around the time of Jesus, we begin to see the acceptance of a new form of sexual information transaction: premarital sex.  Although the practice of wanting a virgin was still being practiced, the story of The Woman at the Well provides a striking contrast between marital sex, premarital sex and adultery.  In the story (John 4:1-26) Jesus meets a woman at the well and requests that she give him a drink of water from the well.  They continue to talk and Jesus informs her that instead of her giving him water, he was offering her living water.  Then Jesus makes a very interesting statement, he tells her to call her husband and come back.  She informs him that she doesn’t have a husband, to which Jesus informs her that not only does he know that she does not indeed have a husband, but she has had sex with five other men, and the one she is having sex with at the time also isn’t her husband.  This was a conversation about sharing spiritual information via sexual intercourse.

In short, the Samaritan woman was saying that due to being born along the ancestry of Jacob and the successes he achieved, her spiritual information was being used to assist six other men via sexual intercourse, yet, she clearly stated that she was not married to either of them.  The Samaritan woman felt like Jesus didn’t possess the requisite status/power/wealth for her to pass along her spiritual information.  Nevertheless, Jesus made it clear that by having sex with him, she would be gaining access to far greater spiritual information (living water) than she possessed; thereby, being able to transfer a greater spiritual information that would allow those whom she had sexual intercourse with to exit the repetition of the Worldly cycles of gains and losses and reach the Kingdom of Heaven.

This story is in stark contrast to the story of the Adulterous woman who was almost stoned to death.  In this story (John 7:53-8:11) we find Jesus, an adulterous woman, and an angry crowd who is ready to stone the adulterous woman to death.  At that time, the people were still living under the law of Moses and according to that law, the woman caught in the adulterous act was to be stoned to death.  However, Jesus, being the one who fulfilled the law (advanced beyond Moses) knew that the value of the law of Moses was that if one law was broken, they all were.  Therefore, because no sin was greater than the other, the sin-filled crowd was forced to abandon their pursuit in light of their own inadequacies.

When compared and contrasted, it becomes clear that the story of the Woman at the Well was exchanging her spiritual information consistent with the current time that Jesus lived in, while the adulterous woman was performing an activity ahead of its time.  Jesus hadn’t sacrificed his life; thereby, allowing access to The Kingdom of Heaven; therefore, the actions of the adulterous woman at that time were not directly permitted.  So, what is adultery and what is its purpose?

As the physical way of exchanging spiritual information, adultery is the way that spiritually mature, physical beings assist one another in moving along to higher levels that each was created for.  It was revealed to me, by The Holy Spirit, that it is similar to a man who is driving along a path, yet finds that he no longer knows the way.  A stubborn man has been said to drive and drive and not ask for directions, yet a wise man will stop along the side of the road at a rest stop/gas station/etc. and ask for directions.  Once directions are given, the journey then proceeds until the destination is reached.

Spiritually, everyone on the planet is being guided spiritually along the path that was created for them by The Father in Heaven.  Along the journey, men and women get together physically and share sexual intercourse, unaware that each partner downloaded spiritual information to the other.  That spiritual information is used by the Holy Spirit, unbeknownst to the person, to guide each along their path.  So, while each person thinks it is them that is doing the work, making the decisions, etc., it truly is the result of the sexual activity in a person’s life.  First, a young man/woman uses the actual words that their parents provide them, who themselves are relaying to the children what has been downloaded into their spirit via their sexual activity.  When the information that the child received is no longer sufficient, the maturing child seeks outside resources, in the form of a boyfriend/girlfriend.  Depending on the value of the feeling received from direction of the couple (based on the spiritually downloaded information), the couple will decide to get married.  Once married, the total input of parental and spiritually downloaded information of the wife is passed along to the husband, who combined with his parental and spiritually downloaded information, make various decisions regarding the direction of their life together.  When the direction of the life seems adequate, positive and enjoyable, neither mate will feel the need to engage in extra-marital situations.  However,  the wife only provides one side of the spiritual information needed to become relatively successful in the World.  The other side of the spiritual information exists within the spirit of another woman.  Therefore, the need for adultery provides a Kingdom Seeking husband with the spiritual directions to find his way to The Path of Righteousness.

How do I know this?  Well, as stated earlier, my adultery led me to the swinging world and my activity in the swinging world brought to me the teachings of Esther Abraham Hicks and Myles Munroe, which together with smoking Kaneh Bosm, opened my spiritual eyes, exited me from the World, placed me in Purgatory and began my journey along the Path of Righteousness.  Therefore, adultery is the physical activity that provides additional spiritual information and directions, and while adultery by itself is a singular, quasi-selfish appearing act, swinging (which is adultery in another form) is a shared activity where both married partners are sharing and receiving spiritual information to assist others in an open and honest manner.

Again, this is a foundational topic, to shine light on how I came to receive the spiritual information I have shared in the Introduction to The Master’s Degree, as well as what will be shared throughout the rest of this blog.  Greater, deeper information will be provided later in this course.

Now that I have shined light on the value of adultery and swinging and the role they play in activating the Likeness Yod; thereby becoming ready to be led along the Path of Righteousness, the other vital aspect to Likeness Yod activation is the use of Kaneh Bosm.  Known in the World as cannabis, weed, pot, herb, etc., Kaneh Bosm plays a vital role in salvation in that this naturally growing plant clears away the purposely placed World-based understandings so that Heaven-based understandings can be gained.  While cannabis, weed, etc., are names of the same plant as Kaneh Bosm, those aforementioned names are given when the plant is used in non-Kingdom Seeking purpose; whereas, Kaneh Bosm results in and produces only positive effects (although it does cause the user to die to the World but be re-born/born again in Christ). The first time the Bible mentions Kaneh Bosm, it is in reference to the Holy Anointing Oil that the Levite High Priest were to use to communicate with The Father in Heaven; thereby, receiving the information needed that was to provide structure and guidance for the children of Israel while they were in the desert and eventually, the Promised Land. Indeed, the ‘burning bush’ that Moses came in contact with can be better understood when viewed as the effect of inhaling the smoke of the Kaneh Bosm plant.

As mentioned in the Introduction to The Master’s Degree, Kaneh Bosm was used during those times to alleviate the stresses and pressures of their lives and be able to spiritually ‘hear’ what The Father was saying; however, during those times, in the attempt to be like/gain access to the ways of the World, Kaneh Bosm was misused.  When such a Holy plant is aimed in a negative direction, the mind may begin to wander and focus on negatives, and as such, can cause the user to make decisions based on negative information.  What was needed was a thought process that would be able to maintain positive focus; thereby, truly be able to spiritually focus on what The Father was/is saying.  This is again part of the value of Jesus.  At the time of his ministry, Jesus advocated focusing on faith, which is another way of saying focus on positive possibilities because that is what my Father is all about.  Jesus reminded his followers to focus on ignoring teachings that were not based on positivity, as well as ignoring the thoughts of what would possibly be done by those who were being ignored.  After his death, this thought process was picked up and carried on further most prominently by Paul, as the majority of his letters talked about the positive thought process needed in order to follow Jesus.  With such teachings of Jesus passed along to his followers, it was the moment of his death that actually opened the way to be able to ‘hear’ directly from The Father.

According to Matthew 27:51, the exact moment of the death of Jesus resulted in the ‘veil of the temple was torn in two, from top to bottom’.  To truly understand why the veil was torn at the exact moment of his death, let’s look at biblical information regarding the veil.

  • Exodus 26:33 And thou shalt hang up the veil under the clasps, and shalt bring in thither within the veil the ark of the testimony: and the veil shall separate unto you between the holy place and the most holy.

When Moses was instructed to build the tabernacle that would house the ark of the covenant, this verse tells us that a veil was required to separate the people between the holy place and the most holy.  Nonetheless, Leviticus 16:2 tells us that only those who had been chosen were allowed to enter such a place.

  • Leviticus 16:2 The LORD said to Moses, “Warn your brother, Aaron, not to enter the Most Holy Place behind the inner curtain whenever he chooses; if he does, he will die. For the Ark’s cover–the place of atonement–is there, and I myself am present in the cloud above the atonement cover.

So, the Bible tells us that there was a purposefully placed separation between the understanding regarding the general population of the children of Israel and those who were permitted to enter into the most holy place.  Since all of the items that were placed inside of the tabernacle were to be anointed with the Holy Anointing Oil (ingredients that included Kaneh Bosm), The Father Himself was to be ‘present in the cloud’, yet, behind the veil; thereby, providing evidence that the mind altering effects of Kaneh Bosm would allow access to the presence of The Father, but only to those who were chosen.

Nevertheless, at the moment of the death of Jesus, the tearing of the veil means that The Father Himself chose to get rid of the barrier between Himself and His children; thereby, rendering the use of Kaneh Bosm as the way to achieve spiritual enlightenment for any and all.  This again is now possible because of the teachings of Jesus.  Indeed, before I practiced adultery, I was not a user of Kaneh Bosm; however, once I began to swing with my wife, I began to smoke as a way to relax and calm myself.  Before and after we would finish our swinging activities, we would sit back and smoke and talk and laugh and talk and laugh.  Eventually, I began to notice that I was starting to have revelations and thoughts that consisted of things I had never thought about, heard or read, so I began to write them down.

Even as our swinging activities began to dwindle and cease, primarily due to the success and growth of our business and a new found focus on being more religious and spiritual, I continued smoking with my wife and began to recognize that I truly was ‘hearing’ from The Father.  It amazed me that I was receiving information spiritually that paralleled biblical teachings, yet I was understanding them beyond pastors, teachers and religious leaders.  Just as it was with adultery, I asked The Father about using Kaneh Bosm.  The revelation was/is that when it comes to salvation, it is similar to coming up from deep-sea diving.  In order to be salvaged, you must reach salvage depth and adultery is the activity that activates the movement needed to begin to be ‘pulled up’ out of the wreckage.  Mutual Adultery can be view as placing one who was swimming in the deep waters of the World into a deep-sea salvage ship.  However, when one is coming up from the deep-sea, it is important to not come up too fast or the pressure of the sea causes pain.  This is where Kaneh Bosm comes in, as it eases the mental and emotional pressure of the World and allows the spirit to align with The Spirit of The Father so that by the time salvation is complete, the one salvaged will be acclimated to life on land again and ready to resume being what he or she was created to do.

Finally, in keeping with the theme of the two Yod’s of Image and Likeness, Kaneh Bosm, combined with the teachings of Jesus (and the information I have been allowed to share) provides access to the thought process needed to rise above the World (Image) and Adultery/Swinging provides access to the Path that leads to The Kingdom of Heaven (Likeness).  Such is the way that one presents himself a living sacrifice.  Again, a look around the Bible should shine light on this necessity of duality and indeed, the Book of John does just that.

  • John 3:5 Jesus answered, “Truly, truly, I say to you, unless one is born of water and the Spirit, he cannot enter the kingdom of God.

Therefore,  water refers to the life moments that happen and are understood from the Kingdom perspective (which Kaneh Bosm is the tool for understanding) and Spirit refers to connecting with the spiritual information that places a person on the Path that releases the individual information regarding the person and their life (Kingdom of God) and reveals who and what they are in The Kingdom of Heaven.

‘According to our Likeness’ is now known.  When we read the Apocryphon of John to see what occurred before the Beginning, it becomes clear that the interaction between The Father, Self-Aware Thought and Providence (Spiritual Threesome) is how all that is, or will ever be, came into being.  By practicing the highest level of maturity, in the form of Mutual Adultery, and smoking Kaneh Bosm, I have gained access to who I was created to be and the purpose I serve in The Kingdom of Heaven.  I share with you what I have learned and trust that in doing so, The Father (who is in all of us) does the rest.  Every day of my life was written before the first one ever came to be, and now I understand why my life was the way it was.  By combining the teachings of the Introduction of The Master’s Degree, with those that are provided on this blog, I have been allowed to assist you in gaining access to information that has come directly from Heaven.  By smoking Kaneh Bosm (pointed in a positive, Kingdom Seeking direction), you will begin to unlock hidden understandings about your life, the life of those around you and your place in the World and The Kingdom of Heaven.  By practicing mutual adultery/swinging, you will begin to activate your spirit so that it can be led towards The Kingdom of Heaven.  I will be out and about in the World, serving as yeast, turning it from what it is, into what it will be.  I look forward to smoking with you and sharing the spiritual insights that we receive.  I look forward to practicing mutual adultery/swinging with you, as I will download unspoken spiritual information to the women, who will in turn pass it along to the men they have sex with; thereby, providing direction and guidance towards The Kingdom. And I look forward to sharing with you the articulated thought process on how the thoughts on this topic, and many others, have been given to me by The Father in Heaven.

If there are any questions or comments, please feel free to let me know.

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6 Responses to Mutual Adultery/Sexual Swinging, Kaneh Bosm (Smoking Weed); Keys to Salvation [Jesus Christ advocates Mutual Adultery]

  1. Qama Keva says:

    Its a blessing thanks.Thank God for Dr Myles.

  2. Jacqueline B Thorpe says:

    I now understand my life and I now will go in the right direction.

  3. Concerned says:

    Please don’t pull God into your wrongdoing. Be ye not deceived, God is not mocked, for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap. The prince of this world is Satan and he will have whomever do whatever in the name of God. He will also create circumstances to cause us to sin by desire or because sin is in the world and our lives are affected by his hatred of mankind.

    When we sin it is up to us to own up to our wrongdoing and repent of it. Not embrace it. There are times when we feel to sin is our only choice. We can learn from it. We are not to embrace it and justify it, nor encourage others to thereby leading them to a path of destruction for their eternal souls.

    Satan is a deceiver. Even the elect can be misguided and cause those who sincerely love God to stray or sin because of their faults by deeds or being remiss. Judging unfairly, removing choices, ostricizing and being inflexible can leave others no choice and no way out. We sin. Prayer can cover us and give us another choice or a better way. Living it as a rule is out of the question and not in God’s plan.

    Telling others to commit your sin because you learned something from it is wrong. You underwent growth as people will who have to think about their lives. Adultery and swinging do not get the credit for this. If you have truly grown, it is God who took you there. Your willingness to seek the light. Now walk in the light and put down your ways while God is giving you grace. The bible clearly states that coveting another’s spouse is wrong, that adultery is wrong. Those who want to make this their lifestyle will be cast into the lake of fire. The ten commandments and revelations clearly states this. Read your bible and stop retrofitting it to your life. You have lust. Fast it away. Jesus said some things can only be gotten rid of through fasting. Find someone to lay hand on you and relieve you of your demon of lust. Seek God’s wisdom and listen to Him not your inner desires.

    We all sin. We must recognize our sins and repent of them. Shalom.

    • A Child of The Most High God- The God of Israel says:

      I agree… So Be It.

      • A Child of The Most High God- The God of Israel says:

        I agree with “Concerned” more specifically.

        “Concerned” is RIGHT.

        Repent before it is to late.

  4. JoJo says:

    Nigga you crazy…

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