Greater than GOD

 The word GOD is the English prounciation of the Greek word, which originally is the Hebrew word YOD. (NOTE: The Greek yogurt FAGE is pronounced Fa-yeh, with the Greek language pronouncing ‘G’ with a ‘Y’ sound.  The Bible was translated out of its various languages, into Greek…so everywhere they encountered YOD, they translated it as GOD)
 In the Old Testament of The Holy Bible, when the word God is used, it signifies a deity who is Omnipotent, Omnipresent, Omniscient…in other words, ALMIGHTY, Self-Sustaining One. In Hebrew, these words are Elohim (Omnipresent), Adonai (Omniscient), and Jehovah (Omnipotent), with all three beings found in the form of one being, idenified by the name YOD HEY VAV HEY, also known as YAHWEH; nonetheless, none of these words relate to the meaning of the INTENT of the word GOD.   They do indeed refer to various aspects of the Supreme Being, yet neither part provides adequate insight into the magnificence of the whole.  Nonetheless, at various times in the Old Testament all four of the aforementioned Hebrew words are designated as either Lord, LORD, LORD GOD, or God, with the use of the generic term GOD used exclusively in the New Testament.
The Hebrew letter ALEPH (the letter from which all other Hebrew letters/words come from) is the letter that encompasses all of these meanings and provides insight into the completeness of The Father in Heaven and an understanding regarding the apparent incompletness in The Bible.
The Hebrew letter ALEPH, the first letter in the Aleph-Bet, is composed of an Upper YOD, connected via a VAV, which has a Lower YOD connected to it (YOD-VAV-YOD).   According to the Hebrew for Christians website ( YOD, the 10th letter in the Alef-Bet, is considered the starting point of the presence of [The Father] in all things – the “spark” of the Spirit in everything.  VAV, the 6th letter in the Alef-Bet, is the connecting force of [The Father], the divine “hook” that binds together Heaven (Upper Yod) and Earth (Lower Yod).  Together, two sparks (two YOD’s) combine together to start the ‘fire’,  from which everything that is within The Father in Heaven comes forth.  So, since Aleph is The Father of ALL, in Heaven and on Earth, why does the Bible refer to The Father in Heaven as God, instead of Aleph?
 What hasn’t been understood, until now, is that in Genesis 1:26, when The Father said “Let us make Man in our Image and according to our Likeness…”, He was talking about the two YOD aspects of Aleph, connected (VAV) via the person; thereby, resulting in MAN on Earth (the reflection of The Father in Heaven).   Genesis 1:27 shows that Image was indeed given but not Likeness. The two YODS in ALEPH are the aspects of The Father that He promised; however, with only Image (YOD) initially given, what happened to the Likeness YOD?   To appreciate what the Image YOD is and what the Likeness YOD is, an understanding of the Hebrew meaning of these words are needed again (explained in the Introduction to The Master’s Degree).
According to Skip Moen (, the Hebrew word for Image is Tselem and its meaning is the transferred authority over what destroys.  The Hebrew word for Likeness is De’mut and it is translated to mean the path securing a covenant over chaos or the path that guarantees life over destruction.   So, according to Genesis 1:27, The Father granted the ability to possess the transferred authority over what destroys (one YOD), but withheld the path that guarantees life over destruction (second YOD).  Again, what happened?
As a result of the knowledge gained from Seeking First The Kingdom of God, it has been revealed that the Image YOD is primarily about the ability to have free will, or the ability to freely choose from among various choices.  Yet the Image YOD is deeper than mere free will, for if one is faced with multiple choices, yet doesn’t know which choice is best, then an inaccurate choice can appear to be made.  Enter Jesus Christ.
From the moment that the Bible states that Adam was forced out of the Garden of Eden, until the birth of Jesus, the Bible is full of stories of power gained and power lost.  This is primarily due to the fact that 1. it proves that teachings prior to those of Jesus were never intended to stand on their own, and 2. shows that the teachings of Jesus possess the value and power needed to achieve permanance and authority over that which destroys.  Therefore, Jesus came to introduce and expand (through the teachings of Paul and other post-Gospel writers) upon the teachings needed to understand what was/is needed in order to possess the thought process needed to become a Kingdom Seeker; thereby, being able to receive the Eternal Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.  As the result, Jesus Christ, the only Begotten Son of The Father in Heaven, and the teachings he brought, reflect the Image YOD.
While Jesus reflects and represents the embodiment of the Image YOD and the thought process needed, the Bible does not directly give a clear and direct person who, through practicing what Jesus taught, receives The Kingdom of Heaven.  That is where I come in.  By being the result of what happens when a person presents his life a living sacrifice unto The Father (death to the World) and focuses exclusively on Seeking First The Kingdom of Heaven, the Likeness YOD, which initially lay dormant within each of us, was activated within me and I was led along the Path of Righteousness (the path that guarantees life over destruction), out of the World, through Purgatory and into The Kingdom of Heaven.
Once along the Path of Righteousness (as the result of Seeking First The Kingdom of GOD [activating the inactive YOD]), the combination of Image and Likeness results in being adopted by The Father in Heaven and becoming MAN; thereby receiving the dominion promised in Genesis 1:26. Therefore, GOD (pronounced YOD), is an incomplete understanding, with the TRUTH being found in both YODs, resulting in the Son on Earth (MAN) reflecting The Father in Heaven. One spark (YOD) can’t start a fire, two sparks do (two YOD’s); therefore, MAN is GREATER than GOD.
With that being said, this blog reveals how to activate your dormant Likeness YOD, THE PATH, how to recognize and relate to those of lower spiritual maturity and how to assist them in maturing (known as Agape Love), and many other subjects that I have been given to share.
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